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Christmas Inspiration With Rhonnie Scheuerman


“Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Christmas Time Inspiration For All In Need This Morning”ChristmasLeavesBut even the very hairs of your head are all numbered, Luke 12:7

Author…… Rick Hamlin: What’s your very favorite place to pray? 

I’d been asking that question of some of our Guideposts readers and people who use  our  prayer Web site.  We’d received a slew of answers, such as “in my car” or the old sofa in the living room” or at the “kitchen table”.

I was thinking about just what my answer would be when I walked by the barber’s I popped my head in.  “Jacob” I asked “Do you have time to cut my hair?.

“Shush.” He put a finger to lips and gestured, “Come in, come in”  He slapped the barber chair with his towel, pinned a smock around my neck and took out his comb and clippers.  “I’m so glad you could fit me in,” I said. Again he put a finger to his lips and this time he pointed to a chair in the back where a man was sitting with his head swathed in warm towels, his feet up and his hands over his chest.

“The guy fell asleep,  “Jacob whispered. “I didn’t want to wake him.  And then you walked by.”  He started combing and clipping.  Inspired by the sleeping customer and Jacob’s silence, I closed my eyes, breathed deeply to the traffic outside and closed out the world.  I thought of several people who needed a measure of peace in their lives, including me.  Lord have mercy…I prayed.

But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered…Lute 12:7

Fifteen minutes later Jacob whispered  off the smock and held up a mirror so i could admire his handwork.  “Great, I said “Thanks”  I gave him a good tip because he’d given me one: A barber chair is a great place to pray- as long as you can trust your barber with your while you’re practicing trusting God.

I put my trust in You Lord for You know me better than I know my self.




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