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Maddie & Tae look 4 advice in Die From a Broken Heart

Maddie and Tae Look for Advice in ‘Die From a Broken Heart’

I remember when writing this song, it’s about calling your parents & asking for advice

You’re never too old to ask your parents for advice, right? Well, Maddie and Tae are leaning on their folks when it comes to recovering from heartbreak in the duo’s new song, “Die From a Broken Heart.” The song was co-written with Jonathan Singleton and Deric Ruttan during a time when the women were unsure about where their careers were headed.

Their record label had just shut down and both Maddie and Tae were trying to find their place in the country music landscape. “I remember when we wrote this song and it’s obviously about calling your parents and asking for advice. I was scared to call my parents about telling them that the label had shut down and I was scared because you want your parents to think that you’re doing good,” explained Taylor Dye during a recent media day.

“For me, I know if I call my parents and I tell them something that I’m going through they’re going to feel all of that pain with me and I want to save them from that. I wanted to save them from that so the day we wrote that song it kicked me in gear to be like, okay I can call my parents. They may not know what to say but at least they’re going to be there for me.”

Added Maddie Marlow, “When we play it out and I think back to that day and what a rough time that was… Oh my gosh, I wish I could have shown myself we’re going to be sitting in a room with wonderful people talking about this song. How you’ve overcome the trial. I get choked up a little bit when I talk about this song.”

The track is the second taste of new music from  the duo’s upcoming concept album, which follows a story of love, heartache and redemption. Maddie & Tae previewed the project with their first single, “Friends Don’t,” which is currently climbing the charts at country radio.

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