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Cash Campbell’s ‘The In Between’ is the Cowboy

Cash Campbell’s ‘The In Between’ Is The

Cowboy Love Story We Have All Been Looking For

Cash Campbell seems to be having fun taking his fans on an emotional roller-coaster. His song “Little Things” made us long for the good old days before our past lovers broke our hearts, and now his new single “The In Between” is a story about what it really means to be in love. “I’m so excited for fans to hear ‘The in Between.’ It was inspired by the feeling that happens when you’re with a person so special, you feel like you’re on top of the world — between where heaven meets the stars.

I think the song captures perfectly the feel of never wanting to let go of that dream-like moment that you wish could last for an eternity,” said Campbell. In the music video the Lone Star State native sings as the ‘voice inside your head,’ while performance shots mingle with images of the couple slow dancing in a barn and falling in love on the backdrop of a beautiful farm at sunset.

Campbell’s “The In Between” is a spiritual description of what most people believe to be indescribable experiences of life and love. While the in between he is referring to might not be a tangible place, the comparison between the two feelings of love and heaven meeting Earth creates a deeply dimensional meaning that has listeners tapping into their hearts and reaching out for more. Campbell will take his cowboy love song on tour this fall, no doubt to much fanfare after being named Top 40 on Billboard’s Country Indicator and Top 30 on Music Row Country Breakout charts.

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