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Keith Urban Gets Funky in ‘Never Comin Down’ Video

Keith Urban Gets Funky in ‘Never Comin Down’ Video

Living in the moment and embracing who you are is exactly the message Keith Urban wanted to portray in the music video for his latest single, “Never Comin Down.” The song, which features lyrics including “When the sun goes down, stars come out / It’s a…. Can you feel it? / When I take  you by the hand, dancin’/ And we pass it around, ’round, ’round/ We’re so high, we could paint the sky/ Tear the top right off the ceilin’ / And I swear we’re never ever comin down / Never comin down / Tell me now, can you feel it? / Never ever, never comin down,” gives off a feeling of exhilaration and enjoying the moment in which you’re in. The three-and-a-half-minute clip kicks off with a young man sitting nervously in the back of a Lyft, with Urban sitting in as the driver. The man eventually exits the vehicle and makes his way into an electric dance club. The rowdy atmosphere eventually wins the seemingly shy man over, and he leads the dancers in a choreographed line dance to the track.

Having self-assurance was a key ingredient when Urban and director Carter Smith went in to cast for the high-energy clip, with Urban explaining to PEOPLE that he wanted to capture “the energy and spirit of being at a show — lost in the music, along with everyone else that’s there, whether you know them or not. That’s the feeling that I wanted to capture in the video.” “In casting, we took the people that were happiest to be themselves — whatever that was. We brought in voguers, break dancers, hip-hop dancers – line dancers – everybody’s dancing together for this one song, on this one night,” Smith added. The song, which appears on Urban’s tenth studio album Graffiti U, was co-written by the singer with the three other co-writers, Josh Kerr, J Hart [aka James Abrahart] and Shy Carter. It was during a writing camp that Urban stepped into the writing room and the four got to work.

[laughs] Figuratively and literally upstairs, and there was just such a great thing happening up there. I had this drum beat that I had carried around for a bit, and I presented that, and we started building on that. It really started with a tribal rhythmic feel,” he recalled. Fans will enjoy “Never Comin Down,” as well as Urban’s previous single “Coming Home,” as the singer continues his Graffiti U Tour with a hometown stop at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena this weekend.

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