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Dierks Bentley Signs on for Seven Peaks Festival

Dierks Bentley Signs on Rising Country for Seven Peaks Festival

“If nobody else comes, I’m going to have fun,” said Bentley. “That’s the goal

When Dierks Bentley set out to create his own music festival, he pulled from his own influences and experiences in hopes of creating a one-of-a-kind function for fans. Combining his passions for country music and Americana, the Arizona native put together the Seven Peaks Music Festival, which will take over Buena Vista, Colorado, this Labor Day Weekend.

While Bentley has signed on big-name acts including Miranda Lambert, Brothers Osborne, Dan + Shay, Del McCoury and more, the singer also enlisted the help of some of the brightest new acts coming out of Nashville.

Taking the festival’s Whiskey Row Stage will be Abby Anderson, Boy Named Banjo, Brown & Gray, Cody Canada, Dillon Carmichael, Travis Denning, Walker McGuire, Mipso and Rapidgrass. The lineup has Bentley so pumped, that he plans on taking the stage himself throughout the three-day festival. “I’m curious to see how I’m going to hold up because I’m planning on doing all the stuff during the day and then jumping up on a lot of the stages, including the Whiskey Row stage,” Bentley shared with PEOPLE. “I also wanna jam and hang out with the campers at the campground and try to get some sort of festival jam session tradition started.”

The prospect of running his own festival is something Bentley is increasingly passionate about, especially when it comes to recruiting his favorite artists for the lineup. While the performers cross boundary lines, the “Woman, Amen” singer is excited to share his interests with fans.

“If nobody else comes, I’m going to have fun,” said Bentley. “That’s the goal — just me having fun and doing something really personal that has meaning for me.” Dierks

Bentley’s Seven Peaks Music Festival will feature Miranda Lambert, Brothers Osborne, Sam Bush, Dan + Shay, Elle King, LANCO, Del McCoury, Lucie Silvas, The Cadillac Three and Kiefer Sutherland. The festival will kick-off with Hot Country Night, featuring Clint Black, Sawyer Brown, Terri Clark, David Lee Murphy and special guests, Bentley’s own Hot Country Knights.

BPM Theresa May Supports Killing of White Farmers?

Ramaphosa’s land grab policy backed by British PM Theresa May

May brought with her a delegation of 29 business leaders who’ll be looking for investment opportunities in SA Over the Dead Bodies of White Farmers & their Familes

In her first visit to the continent as UK Prime Minister, Theresa May pledged to become the G7’s biggest investor in Africa by 2022, using the UK’s development budget to not only relieve poverty, but to create a sustainable investment environment for British businesses.

Theresa May “Kill The Boer Kill The Farmer” no problem let’s shake on it.

“It is very clear that Theresa May has completely ignored to mention the brutal killing of White Farmers in SA as she is too afraid to rock the boat with Cyril” Malcolm Walker

May was addressing guests of the British High Commission in Cape Town on Tuesday, before meeting President Cyril Ramaphosa at Tuynhuys. “The UK has for some time now supported land reform that is legal and transparent and generated through a democratic process. I discussed it with President Ramaphosa during his visit to Britain earlier this year and will discuss it with him again later today,” she said.

“I think he’s made some comments that it won’t be a smash and grab approach” said British Prime Minister Theresa May

May has deliberately side tracked and ignored to visit any of the white squatter camps. This can only be seen as a refusal to see or learn the truth about white poverty due to oppression against the white population.

After confidently delivering her planned speech to business folk in Cape Town and answering questions from the UK media this morning, UK Premier Theresa May stuttered and stumbled over questions on land expropriation in South Africa. Twitter Comment

“We are going to return the land to our people so that our people can have their birth right,” President Cyril Ramaphosa

“I welcome the comments that President Ramaphosa has already made, bearing in mind the economic and social aspects of it. I think he’s made some comments that it won’t be a smash and grab approach. I think there’s an opportunity to unlock investment.”

– Extracts from local SA Newspapers August 2018

Taylor Swift’s “Reputation Tour” Stop in Nashville

5 Coolest things at Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour stop, Nashville

Taylor Swift brought her “Reputation Tour” to Nashville last night…with a bang. The gloriously over-the-top opus included stadium-sized screens, fireworks and pyro, light-up wristbands and, of course, Taylor. From start to finish the superstar singer danced, played and grinned her way across stage—and through the crowd—without ever missing a beat. Whether she was getting sultry and serpentine for the reputation lead single “Look What You Made Me Do,” or throwing it back to her early days with dreamy performances of “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me,” Swift dominated every moment of the unforgettable night. The old Taylor may be dead, but we’re obsessed with whoever that was on stage (and let’s be real—she was both old and new Taylor). It was hard to narrow down, but take a look at five of the most memorable things we saw at the show. Are you ready for it?

The Mash-Ups: While Taylor stayed true to her touring philosophy and played mostly songs from her newest album (reputation)—14 to be specific—she peppered in a handful of beloved classics…with a twist. Showcasing her evolution as an artist, she mashed up hits from her past with the current tracks. “Long Live,” from her 2010 album Speak Now, morphed into reputation’s straight-to-country radio single New Year’s Day. The breakup bop “We Are Never Getting Back Together” (from 2012’s Red), played into one of the night’s most incredible moments—the finale, which featured Swift dancing in a fountain under an incredible fireworks display as she dripped sass and spunk performing “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” from the new LP.

The Hype Woman: Charlie XCX held her own when she kicked off the show with crowd-favorites like “Boom Clap” and “I Love It,” but it was second act Camila Cabello that served as the real ringleader for the night. Dancing across the stage to hits like “Never Be the Same” and “Havana,” Cabello took her time hyping up the audience about the Taylor Swift show that was about to begin. She played coy, asking if the rumors that Taylor fans were the loudest were true—eliciting an enormous response from the crowd, and she gushed about the headliner repeatedly throughout the set. And her enthusiasm was genuine. Prior to joining the “Reputation Tour” (and becoming a member of T-Swift’s ever-evolving friend squad), Cabello herself was a fan. “If you would have told me this was going to happen when I was 14 or 15 years old…” she said to the crowd with a huge smile. (Swift would later bring both openers out to join her for “Shake It Off.”)

Nashville Love: Swift was visibly overcome with emotion when talking about her adopted hometown of Nashville. The singer came to town looking for a record deal as a pre-teen, and famously had her mom drive her up and down Music Row with “a CD of me singing karaoke songs, going into record labels saying, ‘Hi, I’m Taylor. I’m 11. Give me a record deal!’” Swift talked about growing up in the Nashville music industry, thanking the songwriters who gave her a chance despite her age, and gushed with pride that the rest of the country was finally seeing what the rest of us had all along—that “Nashville is just the best place in the world.” She also recounted attending CMA Fest with her mom when she was 13, sharing that she thought Nissan Stadium was “just the biggest stadium ever, and tonight is my first time headlining this stadium. This means so much to me. This is our hometown show.” And the hometown crowd went wild.

Better Man: One of Swift’s biggest hits of the past few years was one she penned but didn’t sing: “Better Man” was the lead single from Little Big Town’s 2017 album The Breaker, and earned a Grammy for Best Country Duo or Group Performance as well Song of the Year at the CMA Awards—Swift’s first CMA ever. While performing on one of two back-of-stadium satellite stages, the singer donned her guitar and told the crowd how proud she was of the song and LBT’s success with it before launching into an acoustic version of the love-gone-wrong song. It was a quiet moment in the show that spoke volumes about Swift’s talent, not just as an artist, but as a musician and a songwriter.

Taylor Swift: By now, it should come as no shock that Taylor Swift knows how to put on a show. For her first stadium tour, Swift pulled out all the stops. But despite the enormity of the production, Swift somehow managed to make each moment feel intimate and each song feel new. The atomic energy of the crowd was reflected back by the singer ten-fold as she grinned and laughed and sparkled as brightly as her costumes (there were eight of those, btw). Swift never seems happier than when she’s singing for her fans, and this show was no exception. With each tour the singer proves herself to be one of the best—if not the best—live entertainers in the music industry. Her evolution from a sweet, guitar-slinging country singer to sultry, confident superstar is evident in every dance step, note and moment of the “Reputation Tour.” And we are here for it.

Keith Urban Gets Funky in ‘Never Comin Down’ Video

Keith Urban Gets Funky in ‘Never Comin Down’ Video

Living in the moment and embracing who you are is exactly the message Keith Urban wanted to portray in the music video for his latest single, “Never Comin Down.” The song, which features lyrics including “When the sun goes down, stars come out / It’s a…. Can you feel it? / When I take  you by the hand, dancin’/ And we pass it around, ’round, ’round/ We’re so high, we could paint the sky/ Tear the top right off the ceilin’ / And I swear we’re never ever comin down / Never comin down / Tell me now, can you feel it? / Never ever, never comin down,” gives off a feeling of exhilaration and enjoying the moment in which you’re in. The three-and-a-half-minute clip kicks off with a young man sitting nervously in the back of a Lyft, with Urban sitting in as the driver. The man eventually exits the vehicle and makes his way into an electric dance club. The rowdy atmosphere eventually wins the seemingly shy man over, and he leads the dancers in a choreographed line dance to the track.

Having self-assurance was a key ingredient when Urban and director Carter Smith went in to cast for the high-energy clip, with Urban explaining to PEOPLE that he wanted to capture “the energy and spirit of being at a show — lost in the music, along with everyone else that’s there, whether you know them or not. That’s the feeling that I wanted to capture in the video.” “In casting, we took the people that were happiest to be themselves — whatever that was. We brought in voguers, break dancers, hip-hop dancers – line dancers – everybody’s dancing together for this one song, on this one night,” Smith added. The song, which appears on Urban’s tenth studio album Graffiti U, was co-written by the singer with the three other co-writers, Josh Kerr, J Hart [aka James Abrahart] and Shy Carter. It was during a writing camp that Urban stepped into the writing room and the four got to work.

[laughs] Figuratively and literally upstairs, and there was just such a great thing happening up there. I had this drum beat that I had carried around for a bit, and I presented that, and we started building on that. It really started with a tribal rhythmic feel,” he recalled. Fans will enjoy “Never Comin Down,” as well as Urban’s previous single “Coming Home,” as the singer continues his Graffiti U Tour with a hometown stop at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena this weekend.

Loretta Lynn to Release Wouldn’t It Be Great Album

Loretta Lynn Sets Release Date For Wouldn’t It Be Great Album

Wouldn’t It Be Great if we had new Loretta Lynn music on the way? Oh wait, we do!

That’s right – the country legend has announced an official release date of Friday, September 28, for her latest studio album. Previously set for release in 2017, Wouldn’t It Be Great will feature songs written or co-written by the Kentucky native that tell the hard truths and spiritual insights she’s gathered throughout her life. “This new record means so much to me, but this last year I had to focus on my health and I decided to hold up the release,” said Lynn in a press release. “I’m feelin’ good and look forward to it comin’ out. It was really important to me to be a part of it being released and I’m excited to celebrate with everybody!”

Among the tracks on the project is the title track, which Lynn wrote for her late husband, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn. “Well,” she shared, “my husband liked to drink a lot and that’s where that song comes from…‘Say you love me just one time, with a sober mind’… I always liked that song but I never liked to sing it around Doo.” Added Lynn’s daughter Patsy, a co-producer on the project, “That song just always meant so much to me because of the lyrics, you know, ‘when my fancy lace couldn’t turn your face,’ it was just so powerful and was a song that needed to be recorded for this album with Loretta. It shows just how masterful my mom is with writing down her feelings.” Wouldn’t It Be Great is available for pre-order in digital, CD and 12” vinyl formats.

Loretta Lynn – Wouldn’t It Be Great Track List:

01. Wouldn’t It Be Great? (written by Loretta Lynn)
02. Ruby’s Stool (written by Lynn, Shawn Camp)
03. I’m Dying for Someone to Live For (written by Lynn, Camp)
04. Another Bridge to Burn (written by Lynn, Lola Jean Dillon)
05. Ain’t No Time to Go (written by Lynn, Patsy Lynn Russell)
06. God Makes No Mistakes (written by Lynn)
07. These Ole Blues (written by Lynn, Russell)
08. My Angel Mother (written by  Lynn)
09. Don’t Come Home a Drinkin’ (written by Lynn, Peggy Sue Wells)
10. The Big Man (written by Lynn, Camp)
11. Lulie Vars (Traditional, arrangement by Lynn)
12. Darkest Day (written by  Lynn)
13. Coal Miner’s Daughter (written by Lynn)

Actor Rob Lowe Declared Hollywood Dead After 1 Act

Actor Rob Lowe Declared Hollywood Dead

Hollywood Master’s hypocrisy While rules apply to filmmakers

Producers of annual awards shows continue to create bloated boring long broadcasts

Hollywood has had a festering problem for years. The ratings for their awards shows have been in steady decline. The industry made a bold move to combat the ratings problem, but their decision might backfire in a way that could severely damage Hollywood. Hollywood Doesn’t Follow Its Own Rules Some of the Tinseltown mantras that have become synonymous with good storytelling have been abandoned.

“Leave the audience wanting more…Get in late, and get out early…Less is more.”

Hollywood has mastered hypocrisy. While these rules apply to filmmakers, the producers of the annual awards shows continue to create bloated, boring, overly long broadcasts. To make matters worse, insipid political speeches espousing some basic left-wing principles have come to rule the day. It was once considered inappropriate to make political statements. Some Oscar winners were even jeered for their beliefs. The long-winded speeches and excess have pushed the Oscars close to three and a half hours. As one might imagine, the rating haven’t been good. A Terrible Solution.

In recent years, the Oscars started pre-recording ceremonies for some of the lesser known categories. Many believed this was a slap in the face to the award winners. It only seems fair they should be honored at the main event if the category exists. One solution the Oscars arrived at was limiting how much time the winners can speak. While that may speed things up, all of the fat around the actual presentation of the awards can go. But the Academy Awards’ latest grand idea to spice things up is truly terrible; they’ve added a new category for “popular” film. Inadvertent Admission Of A Big Problem Understandably many in the film industry found the idea of a popular film category a gross form of pandering.

Actor Rob Lowe chimed in on the ridiculous news with a tweet that went viral: The film business passed away today with the announcement of the “popular” film Oscar. It had been in poor health for a number of years. It is survived by sequels, tent-poles, and vertical integration.

The Oscars might soon resemble a cartoonish show like the MTV Awards, although to MTV’s credit, this year they avoided the endless parade of dull political speeches. Lowe’s tweet underscores a soft contempt Hollywood producers have for general audiences. The idea is Hollywood makes substandard movies because they’re popular. But Hollywood has forgotten that substantive movies can—and should—still be popular, make Better Movies.

The Oscars used to be dominated by popular films, a point Alex Griswold tweeted out: This is so pathetic from all angles. Create a babby Oscar so your precious superhero movies can actually win one. Create a ghetto so your indie movie about a trans disabled cowboy in Victorian England can get nominated for Best Picture ahead of action flicks. It’s embarrassing.

9 out of 10 of the biggest blockbusters of all time were nominated for Best Picture. 9 of them won Oscars. Maybe the reason modern blockbusters aren’t getting Best Picture nods is because, bluntly, they aren’t good enough.

The movies that have withstood the test of time were almost exclusively popular. A handful weren’t appreciated at the time and became classics years later, but those instances are rare. A big problem is Hollywood elitists—perhaps starting in the late 1960s—decided that being edgy and weird and counterculture was a requirement for a film to get awards love. The dark little secret is that many of those avant-garde films are just as formulaic, and sometimes even more formulaic, as “Hollywood” movies.

View image on Twitter

Hollywood simply needs to understand that popular films should have depth, and often do. Executives are too busy thumbing their noses at audiences to notice. If Hollywood snobs had been paying attention, they would’ve noticed that “The Dark Knight” was arguably far better than anything else that came out in 2008.In 50 years, will audiences remember Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal of the Joker or that “Slumdog Millionaire” actually won Best Picture that same year?

– OffTheWire 2018

Nashville 16-Song Track List for Final Soundtrack

Nashville Reveals 16-Song Track List for Final Soundtrack

Nashville will close its final chapter on July 26 when its finale episode airs on CMT.

At long last, fans will see if their favorite characters get their happy endings as their stories conclude after six tumultuous seasons.

With that, the series as compiled a massive soundtrack featuring 16 songs about love, life and Music City on The Music of Nashville, Season 6 Volume 2. To put their stamp on the show, many of the show’s cast contributed both songwriting credits and vocals to the compilation, combining both their on-screen and off-screen personas. Additionally, some of Nashville’s finest songwriters also contributed to the project, including Maren Morris and Ashley Monroe.

Since the show debuted in 2012, 12 soundtracks have been released, featuring many an favorite songs from throughout the seasons. The releases have resulted in more than one million albums sold and nearly 400 million streams.

The Music of Nashville, Season 6 Volume 2 is set for release on July 27.

The Music of Nashville, Season 6 Volume 2 Track List

1. “When You Came Along” | Clare Bowen, Jake Etheridge Written by Clare Bowen, Jake Etheridge, Brandon Young

2. “The Giver” | Jonathan Jackson Written by Jill Andrews, K.S. Rhoads

3. “Let Love In” | Rhiannon Giddens Written by Rhiannon Giddens, Dirk Powell

4. “Sorry Now” | Rainee Blake Written by Jill Andrews, Trent Dabbs

5. “Go” | Rainee Blake, Chris Carmack, Jonathan Jackson, Sam Palladio Written by Tim Lauer, Micah Wilshire, Ricky Young

6. “Without Warning” | Maisy Stella Written by Kevin Griffin, Lennon Stella, Marylynne Stella

7. “Love Goes On” | Ilse DeLange Written by Ilse DeLange

8. “I’ll Waltz You Home” | Ronny Cox Written by Ronny Cox, Howard Russell Smith

9. “Going Electric” | Sam Palladio Written by Jabe Beyer, Trent Dabbs, Sam Palladio

10. “Bring Me An Angel” | Jake Etheridge Written by Jake Etheridge

11. “Little Fire” | Lennon Stella Written by Sarah Buxton, Lennon Stella, Kate York

12. “Itty Bitty Ditty” | Charles Esten Written by Charles Esten

13. “My Turn” | Chris Carmack Written by Chris Gelbuda, Maren Morris

14. “Love Can Hold It All” | Lennon Stella, Maisy Stella Written by Peter Groenwald, Tim Lauer, Lauren Strahm

15. “Free” | Hayden Panettiere Written by Jill Andrews, K.S. Rhoads

16. “A Life That’s Good” | Nashville Cast Written by Ashley Monroe, Sarah Siskind


MCG: When Should Artists Expression Be Banned?

MusicCityGhost: When Should Artists Expression Be Banned?

How about the Rap artists using every swear word that was ever invented and the crowd sings along with him?

A few years ago a very famous Rock Star would mutilate a live chicken on his live stage show each evening.  A different touring Artist  would defecate right on the stage to a huge screaming audience that seemed to enjoy the spectacle.   Now advance the clock and there is a Country touring artist that strokes a champagne bottle in the same manner as if he was masturbating and when the foamy liquid shoots out all over the crowd they  give him a standing ovation.  When is this form of Artist expression considered going too far?  How about the Rap artists using every swear word that was ever invented and the crowd sings along with him?

– The Music City Ghost [File#2018/18]



Friendship is everything to Blake Shelton

Friendship is everything to Blake Shelton

who admits that his nearest and dearest are some of his biggest heroes.

“I find that as time goes by, my definition of a hero changes. My heroes have started to become my good friends,” Shelton shared with PEOPLE recently. “You start to find out, the older you get — I guess we all do — that a really good friend is a pretty rare thing to have in your life. I’ve gotta say that the handful of really close friends that I have, those are my heroes. They’re the ones that will just drop everything to be there for you if they need to be. I hold them high.”

In addition to his every day heroes, the Oklahoma native does keep one of his musical influences near and dear to his heart, as well: Earl Thomas Conley. Shelton’s admiration for the singer has continued over the years, with the superstar even thanking Conley when he won Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2014 CMA Music Awards.

“I noticed Earl Thomas Conley had never won that award. I don’t know, it struck me,” the singer recalled. “I just assumed that surely he must have, because he’s my favorite, he has to be the winner, right? That night I happened to win male vocalist of the year and so I mentioned his name on stage and dedicated the award to him. He’s just an incredible vocalist and, I feel like, underrated.”

He later got a text from Conley, thanking him for the special moment. “He said it had been a lot of years since he had heard his name mentioned from that stage,” shared Shelton.

Shelton will embrace some of his closest relationships when he returns to NBC’s The Voice with his on-and-off-screen bestie Adam Levine, as well as Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson, for the upcoming season 15 of The Voice, premiering Sept. 24.

Lanco on First Headlining Hallelujah Nights Tour

LANCO to Embark on First Headlining Hallelujah Nights Tour

The band will be joined by rising country star Travis Denning,

best known for his debut single “David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs.”

“This is a brand new show we’ve put together for our fans, and it will be first time we get to play Hallelujah Nights in its entirety,” said lead singer Brandon Lancaster of the band, which is currently on Dierks Bentley’s “Mountain High” tour. “This year has been full of so many incredible firsts for us, and we’ve learned so much out on the road about ourselves and about what our people want and expect from us. We can’t wait to play these songs and share their stories from front to back that represent the core of LANCO.” Tickets for LANCO’s “Hallelujah Nights” tour go on sale beginning Friday, August 17, at 10 a.m. local time, with fan club members receiving early access

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