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MusicCityGhost: What is the attraction all about?

MusicCityGhost: What is the attraction all about?

  I do not wish to stand in a crowd of 300,000 sweaty people in 90 degree weather

This year the Nashville Chamber of commerce predicts 300,000 people will converge on downtown’s River Front area to watch the 4th of July Independence day fireworks display.  The Nashville symphony will play to it’s hugest crowd ever.  The same orchestra can barely get enough paying customers inside their beautiful air conditioned symphony hall called the Schermerhorn to attend one of their regular concerts.  Several of the same Country Music Artists that performed at CMA Music Fest in June will be on hand to entertain as well.

If you prefer to watch the fireworks from one of the many Honky Tonk rooftops, you better get your wallet out.  The price ranges from $150 per person to $500 for a spot to stand and watch the spectacular.  Is it the loud noise that attracts so many?  It can’t be because if it was then why do so many in attendance wear ear plugs?  Is it the crowd that attracts so many?  I for one do not wish to stand in a crowd of 300,000 sweaty people in 90 degree weather.

What is it that makes this event so popular?  What ever it is you can bet the downtown merchants are jumping with joy as they see a night of making huge profits.  If someone would like to comment on why it is so important for them to attend this event, then please do so.  I personally will watch the whole thing on my television in the comfort of my living room just outside of Nashville.

– The Music City Ghost [File#2018/13]



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