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MusicCityGhost: Is It a Rehearsal or a Practice? 

MusicCityGhost: Is It a Rehearsal or a Practice? 

Then It is Said that Doctors Practice Medicine, does that mean they practice on us?

I asked a Country band recently what they call it when they all get together and go over their songs before a show.  They unanimously said, “Practice.”  I then asked some Classically trained musicians the same question and the answer was, “Rehearse.”  Now here is where the confusion really comes in…

By definition rehearse means  to practice (a musical composition, a play, a speech, etc.) in private prior to a public presentation. The band director at the high school I attended would sometimes have the band stay after school on a Friday to go over the music they would play at the football game on Saturday.  All the students agreed it was called Band Practice.

When the string ensemble got together at that same school for a concert it was called a rehearsal.  Did you notice by definition of rehearse  it said “In private prior to a public presentation?”  Why then do so many football teams invite the public to attend their practices?  The old saying of “Practice makes perfect,” implies that you practice, practice, practice.  If however you wish to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, then that is OK also.  I can’t seem to find an answer that 100% of the public agrees on with this subject.  Oh and by the way doctors Practice Medicine.

– The Music City Ghost [File#2018/10]


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