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MCG: Is the writing on the wall or in the email? 

MusicCityGhost: Is the writing on the wall or in the email? 

First Step Towards Being charged To Send Emails Has Already Been Put In Place

Currently to send a one ounce letter in the United States it is going to cost you $.50  and the cost to mail a 1-ounce letter internationally is staying at $1.15.  Unless there is a big news flash getting ready to be announced we can still send an email to anyone, anywhere for free.  But is that really true?

Very soon analysts are saying the first step towards us being charged to send emails has already been put into place.

Companies can no longer send out blanket emails unless the recipient has agreed to accept those emails from that company.  There will be huge fines imposed on the violators who continue to blast emails to people that do not wish to receive them.

For years and years the Internet has been a fantastic tool for people worldwide and known for it’s unlimited amount of resources for FREE. 

More and more services that once were offered for free are now charging for the exact same service.  We have been hooked and reeled in to now having to pay for things we just can’t seem to live without.  But where will it all end???  What will we do without our beloved apps?

– The Music City Ghost [File#2018/09]


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