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500 Miles Away From Home by Bobby Bare

500 Miles Away From Home by Bobby Bare

The year was 1963 and Bobby Bare had plenty of radio air time with this hit, Detroit City, and a few more. On this fourth day of 2012 I’m still 650 miles from home, but I’ll get back to North Alabama soon. When Bobby Bare released “500 Miles Away From Home” I thought my travelling days were over for a while. Five years later, in December 1968, the Vietnam war, the Marines, and the Tet Offensive changed all of that.

Robert Joseph (Bobby) Bare (born April 7, 1935, Ironton, OH) is an American country music singer and songwriter. He is the father of Bobby Bare, Jr., also a musician. This track got to #10 in 1963. Although Elvis the pelvis also released this song, I really didn’t consider Elvis as country. When I think back on this song I always associate it with Bobby Bare, and turned the old AM radio up when the song came on.

Getting back to my holiday vacation, I’ve been on the road since just before Thanksgiving, so it’s probably time to leave North West Missouri for warmer weather down in Alabama, but it will be another 12 hours and 650 more miles before it get there. Hope you enjoy this song as I enjoy the memories today.

 – The Country Classics

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