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Ray Price featured with A Different Kind Of Flower

Ray Price featured with A Different Kind Of Flower

Ray Price is obviously the guiding force, mentor, and most covered entertainer in real country music today. I saw him in Long Beach California 45 years ago, and need to see him again today.

Ray Price has Googled, Twittered, YouTubed, Facebooked, Myspaced, reviewed, watched, and heard for years. I have most of his recordings, and greatly admire the man. We are both former Marines. I talked to him on Eddie Kilroy’s show, back before they ruined XM-13.

Today I feature a different Ray Price song. It has been covered by a few artists, but may not be a song that comes to mind when you think of Ray. The song is “A Different Kind Of Flower” from 1977, released on Dot Records.

The song is found on Ray Price’s “Reunited” album. Here are the words:

(Gary Sefton)

She came down from Boston
To be closer to her mother
And try to taste a little of country life.
She was her mother’s only daughter
From a good school where they taught her
How to walk and talk and fold a napkin right.

I was boots and Levis born
For drivin’ cows and plantin’ corn
And anything that sparkled caught my eye.
She was a different kind of flower,
Nothin’ like my country clover,
But I figured I could touch her if I tried.

I only meant to touch her
Just one time and let her go,
But touchin’ her was lovin’ her
And how was I to know that she’d
Be the kind of flower
Calloused hands would never hold.

While I was reachin’ for her body,
She was reachin’ for my soul.
She went back to Boston,
My soul is all it cost me,
Just to touch her,
Now I wish I’d never tried.

She was a different kind of flower
And after havin’ known her
I just can’t keep country clover
On my mind…

Ray Price

Other songs on the album track list include:
01. Different Kind of Flower
02. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
03. Storms Never Last
04. We Go Back
05. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
06. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
07. Mornin’ After Baby Let Me Down
08. Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
09. You Done Me Wrong
10. I’ll Be There

This tracklist helps you locate “A Different Kind Of Flower” by Ray Price. It also helps you locate Ray Price’s “Reunited” album from 1977.

As for Ray himself, – Bless you my friend, and Semper Fi

 – The Country Classics Real Traditional Country Music


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