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Ashley Campbell In The Spotlight Of Glen Campbell

Ashley Campbell Reflects on Living in the Spotlight as Daughter of Glen Campbell

Being On Tour With My Dad Was The Best Time Of My Life

Although Ashley Campbell was well-aware of her father’s star status in country music, she never thought much beyond the fact that the late Glen Campbell was her dad first and foremost. Exposed pretty early to the phenomenon that just so happened to be her dad, Ashley still recognized how down-to-earth her lifestyle was despite Glen’s famous persona.

She reflects upon the values that her parents instilled in her now, and believes he did a great job as a parent despite balancing his career at the same time.

“When you’re a little kid, it’s not such a huge deal to go to concerts and see your dad on stage because it’s so normal to you. So if growing up around fame shaped me in any way, I guess I wouldn’t know because I don’t know any other way to grow up. But I’d like to think that I was raised with a good set of morals and my feet on the ground,” Ashley explained of her childhood during a chat with the Grand Ole Opry.

Even though she didn’t grow up surrounded by the bright lights and heavy burden of the spotlight, Ashley finally learned her passion for music in the early teenage years. Some may look at the transition in a ‘like father, like daughter’ situation, but that only drove Ashley to make her own name outside of what people may assume. “I got the entertainment bug when I was in the seventh grade.

Our school did ‘The Music Man’ and I worked backstage for it and I just thought It looked so much fun to be on stage. Then I went to college and was a theater major, and I started playing banjo for a play that I got into,” Ashley said of her humble beginnings.

But eventually, her dad invited her to hit the road together and she embarked on a journey that she still continues today in honor of his legacy.

“Being on tour with my dad was the best time of my life. It was so cool watching the master at work, just standing behind him on stage and learning from him every night. He was always so at ease on stage and that’s kind of what I try to emulate, too,” she admitted. Fans can keep up with Ashley’s adventures by heading to her official website.


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