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The Biggest Hospital In South Africa on Lockdown

The Biggest Hospital In South Africa on Lockdown

Watch as Chaos erupts at Joburg Gen as striking gets out of control

The Charlotte Maxeke hospital, known to many by its nickname, Joburg Gen, has descended into complete chaos this week. According to a witness, “doctors are not being allowed to work. All exits have been blocked. The situation is untenable”. There have been additional reports of staff riots, locked wards people locked in the basement. We have now received information that the protests are being led by the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (Nehawu), who say workers are protesting a long-pending dispute, allegedly over unpaid performance bonuses. They say the hospital has made several empty promises regarding payment.

Nehawu claim that no critical services at the hospital are being affected by the strike. However, the gate is barricading as hundreds of staff protest outside, and many have reported that the hospital has almost come to a standstill. According to reports from people at the hospital, both patients and non-protesting staff have been threatened by the protesters.

The M&G Bhekisisa Twitter account has said: “Staff at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital have contacted Bhekisisa with reports that a man with a gun was seen inside. The Gauteng health department cannot confirm this and cautions it may have been a police officer.” The account has also tweeted: “Department officials have characterised the situation at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital as being ‘out of control’ and say police have been called to the scene”.

Attempts to reach both the hospital and the Gauteng Health Department have so far been unsuccessful. We will be keeping an eye on the situation, and will continue to provide new information as we receive it.

– Citizen

Another Report follow up:

The Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg South Africa, descended into chaos during another protest against the ANC government. The union says workers are protesting a long-pending dispute, allegedly over unpaid performance bonuses. So they trashed the hospital and put all patients lives at risk. This is common at all protests in South Africa, where the norm is to loot shops, burn cars, trucks, buildings and throw trash around and baracking the streets with burning tyres and rocks.

The goevernment has said that this violence and disruption and distruction of property needs to stop. Yet it just keeps on happening, as it appears to all South Africans that the authorities just step aside and allow it all to happen. With no expectation to be punished for these deads the chaos continues, Yesterday it was at the Hospital in Johannesburg, tomorrow it will be somewhere else. It’s no wonder social networks are saying, “South Africa is burning”

 – Google News Search


3 thoughts on “The Biggest Hospital In South Africa on Lockdown

  1. Take ALL THEIR BONUSUS AWAY FOREVER FOR ALL THIS CHAOS AND DISTRACTION!! They should never ever be given bonuses. They don’t deserve it that’s a fact!


    Posted by RT | June 3, 2018, 5:25 am
  2. This is absolutely disgusting and shameful. I hope these staff members never have to need emergency assistance at a hospital and this is going to block or hinder the help they need! It should bexpect stopped and forbidden to let hospital staff strike and be so disgusting! Shame on all of you!


    Posted by RT | June 3, 2018, 5:21 am

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