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Ed Begley Meets US Congressman Over Farm Murders

Ed Begley Meets US Congressman Over Brutal SA Farm Murders

The meeting was to discuss the increasing amount of brutal farm murders taking place in South Africa today

Ed begley from the United States recently met up with the Deputy District Director of US Congressman Warren Davidson, Ben Thaeler. The purpose of the meeting was to discus the terrible and horrible state of affairs in South Africa today. Raising awareness, to what has been called by many, “a silent genocide” happening right under the noses of the international community .

Begley spoke to Deputy District Director about how the South African government has been watering down the brutality of the farm murders and trying to deny that it is a problem. The powers that be are almost all insisting that these brutal farm murders which almost always include the raping of woman and even children in their opinion are simply house robberies gone wrong.

He also touched on the current BEE Laws and how it put the Lipton Tea farm in a state of collapse and the fact that ESCOM fired 3000 loyal and professional white employees while implementing Electricity load sharing on their customers.

The Deputy District Director Ben Thaeler listened with a sympathetic ear as Ed Begley continued to mention that South African leaders of various parties are insisting on singing “Kill The Boer, Kill The Farmer” while demanding, “Land grab without compensation”. Ed is convinced that this law when implemented fully will erupt into full-scale war in South Africa and could jeopardize the 14 Billion Dollar trade deal with South Africa.

Ed suggested to the congressman that the United States implements sanctions on South Africa and grant refugee status to all in fear of their lives and possible Succession for the Cape Of Good Hope, before it is too late.

The above is a summarized version of the meeting between Ed Begley from the United States and the Deputy District Director, of US Congressman Warren Davidson,  Ben Thaeler recently held in Middleton Ohio. Supplied by Ed Begley to WHISNews21

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