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Will The CellPhone Kill The Desk Top Computer

All of my friends are no longer using their computers for anything. They are paying their bills online with their cell phone.  They are answering their emails with their cell phone.  They are posting to FACEBOOK with their cell phone.  Every task that can be done on a computer including printing off documents can be done with a cell phone.

It is easy to see in just a short time that no one will replace their old worn out computer but rather they will invest in the newest and best smart phone instead.  I tried and tried to think of something to defend my use of my computer verses investing in a high dollar cell phone but came up with no list of things that can only be done on a computer.  Every day someone is inventing a new app for cell phones.

The other day I heard of a Disk Jockey that plays for private functions on the weekends who is now using his cell phone to play all the music.  Just a year ago he was hauling into the venue a computer to store all the songs.  His entire library is now accessible from his phone and it fits in his shirt pocket.

– The Music City Ghost [File#2018/07]


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