Music City Ghost: Dont Mess With It Keep It Country

MusicCityGhost Is Country, Country If Its Not In USA English

Country Music Has Always Been Known as a Form of Music That Tells a Story

Country Music USA was the name of one of the most popular shows in the Nashville theme park called Opryland. The opening speech in that show went something like this:  Country Music began with honest melodies and old English Aires that filtered down from the Clinch Mountains of Virginia to the foothills of the Smokies.  It soon mixed with an earthy kind of religion and created a back porch kind of music that was uniquely American. 

This statement indicates that Country Music is an American music genre but at the same time incorporates playing the fiddle for example as it was performed in Ireland. 

Country Music has always been known as a form of music that tells a story.  Typically the musical arrangement that accompanies these stories is not as complex as classical music and with just a few chords a Country Music song can be composed.  In my opinion it doesn’t matter what language the song is sung in.  Others will argue it must be in English to be Country. 

There is a genre called TEX-MEX which is Country Music sung in Spanish.  Perhaps the best known example was recorded by Freddy Fender.  I once saw a Japanese Bluegrass band perform a whole set made popular by Flatt and Scruggs.  They sang the songs in English with a strong Japanese overtone. 

Many American Country Music artists have recorded songs in German, Italian, Spanish, French and other languages as a tribute to those countries.  Most of those recordings were met favorably but their English versions of the same songs were more successful

I don’t think a Country music song has to be sung in English but I do think the English versions are more popular than any other language.

– Music City Ghost [File#2018]


One thought on “Music City Ghost: Dont Mess With It Keep It Country

  1. I have played Country Music songs recorded in French and Spanish many times on my radio show called YA GOTTA LUV IT on in Nashville, TN.
    Keith Bradford


    Posted by Keith Bradford | May 6, 2018, 5:13 am

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