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Lauren Alaina Hops the Fence to Meet Starstruck Fan

Lauren Alaina Hops the Fence to Meet Starstruck Fan

It’s Not Every Day That You Run Into Someone In The Spotlight

Especially a Country Star Such As Lauren Alaina Out and About

A fan by the Instagram name of @keleighshea posted her spontaneous meet-and-greet with the singer after a hilarious series of random events. As she explains in her caption, Keleigh and her boyfriend couldn’t help but continuously look at Alaina because they thought they knew her from somewhere. Later on in the night, Alaina left the mini-golf facility and Keleigh thought they missed their chance to say hi.

“I would have to say the coolest part of our night was getting to meet @laurenalaina,” she said via social media. “We were playing putt-putt golf and I noticed she looked super familiar so I told Tyler to look and of course we kept staring and contemplating if it was actually her or not. She eventually left and we were kinda bummed we missed the opportunity to meet a famous person!”

The moment wasn’t completely lost, though, as Alaina went back to confirm whether or not the couple actually did stare at her throughout the night. When they admitted they recognized her as Lauren Alaina, the “Road Less Traveled” singer went to great lengths to make sure the two got the experience they were long awaiting.

“Lol Then Tyler says ‘umm they turned around and that car is coming back this way…and now she’s walking towards us’ and I of course thought he was joking so I laugh and turn around and she says ‘This is going to be really embarrassing if I’m wrong, but were y’all staring at me?’ I said ‘Yes! You’re Lauren Alaina aren’t you!!!’ Then she literally jumped that fence to take a picture with us. She is so nice and down to earth,” Keleigh said.

According to Alaina’s own social media, she is spending some quality time with her dad in the town he lives and has been soaking up the sun in the beachside city. Alaina will continue to promote her current single, “Doin’ Fine,” which is playing on country radio now.

– SoundsLikeNashville



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