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AirplayExpress Awards Artists For #1 Charted Songs

AirplayExpress Awards Artists For #1 Charted Songs

30 Platinum and 2 Multi-Platinum Awards Sent Out to Artists Who Landed The #1 Slot

Over thirty awards were sent out to AirplayExpress artists who managed to make it to the Number One spot on the AirplayExpress Country Top 40 during the last year. This was to reward the Independent artists for their performances and to show the world that they have what it takes to reach the top without being signed to a major recording company. These artists are at the top of their game and can compete with the very best the world has to offer. We are proud to have these artists on AirplayExpress , that being the reason we have seen fit to reward them with the Platinum awards now being sent out to all who qualify for them.

Here are the Platinum artists and please note there are more to come over the next few days: Anna Lockhart, Celine Jaqulynn, Charlotte Bradford, Chris Loid, Clay Alston, Dan Schafer, David Wood, Donny Richmond, Fraser Newcombe, Irlene Mandrell, Jack Blanchard, Misty Morgan, Joe West, Julie Richardson, Judy Haney, Kelly Lynn Madison, Larry M Clark, Luanne Hunt, Steven Bankey, McCains, Michael Lusk, Mike Contoni, Perry Snyder, Robbin Lynn, Tattoo Billy, Wayne Jacobs, Wendy, Steven Zuwala, Dennis DiChiaro and the West Nashville Orchestra.

Dennis DiChiaro was the most awarded artist with a Multi-Platinum award for “Everybody Knows” which stayed in the #1 position for a record-breaking 4 weeks, with Steven Zuwala, and his huge hit “Closer” coming in second with a two-week stay at the Top of the AirplayExpress Country charts.

The rules for being awarded  are very simple, If an artist stays at #1 for one week only he can be awarded a Platinum Disc award, if he stays at #1 for more than one week he qualifies for the Multi-Platinum award. We will start issuing “Gold Disc” as soon as the platinum disc’s are completed and all you need to do to qualify for a Gold disc is to reach the Top 5 of the chart, and that’s it.

Now all that may sound easy but it is not easy at all with the amazing amount of great songs in competition every week on the charts.

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