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Blake Shelton Declares Gwen Stefani an Adopted Okie

Blake Declares Gwen An ‘Adopted Okie’ in Loving Post

“Side note: I love you pretty girl,” he confessed, adding the hashtag #truth.

Pop star Gwen Stefani has many talents, but perhaps the most unusual one for the native Southern Californian to add to her list is that of expert arrowhead-finder. Stefani’s boyfriend, Blake Shelton, posted a rare social media call-out to his main squeeze on Saturday (April 7), showing off a collection of cool-looking arrowheads and the caption: ““Hey @gwenstefani it’s official… with your arrowhead finding eye you are now an adopted Okie!!!”

Apparently, Stefani scouted out the arrowheads on her various visits to Shelton’s ranch—the most recent being a Spring Break excursion with her sons and extended family, with everyone dressed in camo and enjoying the outdoors.Shelton also added a sweet note to his newly adopted Okie. “Side note: I love you pretty girl,” he confessed, adding the hashtag #truth.

Although Stefani is unsparing with her online affection to Shelton, he himself hasn’t made too many comments directly to his girl on social media (although he maintains her image as his profile pic), and there have been rumors of the two breaking up swirling about. So it’s especially nice to see such a straightforward declaration of his feelings.

Stefani did share publicly another “I love you” from Shelton, which came in the form of a card accompanying a lavish flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day, which the two spent apart due to work commitments.

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Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Author ……Dianne Neal Matthews

A Friend told me about a day she got so wrapped up in her current project that she missed lunch and started dinner late

The more she wrote, the more ideas came to her.  By the time she took a break she noticed the street lights coming on and heard her stomach growling. I know the feeling of getting lost  in a good movie, an interesting conversation , or a challenging craft project.  I’m also too familiar with being so absorbed in a well- written novel I’m  oblivious to everything else, especially the number on my bedside clock.

These things are good in and out of themselves, but what I need too experience more often is getting lost in Jesus.  Meditating on His love and mercy.  Seeking to know Him on a deeper level.  Focusing on how I can learn more closely in His steps.

Jesus calls on us every single day to live for Him, making decisions that help us replace a self centered life with a sacrificial one.  As we get lost in Him, we’ll discover a new richness in our relationship, new opportunities for ministry, and renewed meaning and purpose in our lives…worth exceedingly great value.

Faith Step:

Today try to find a quiet moment to lose yourself in Jesus

so much that everything around you fades away

and His presence fills you to the brim with love, joy, and peace.

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