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Miranda’s Burning New Single ‘Keeper of the Flame’

Listen to Miranda Lambert’s Burning New Single, “Keeper of the Flame”

Co-written by Miranda, Natalie Hemby and Liz Rose, is full of imagery and lyrical depth


Miranda Lambert will ship a new single to country radio on April 16 as she releases “Keeper of the Flame,” the fourth single from her 2016 double album, The Weight of These Wings. Following previous single, “Tin Man,” Miranda kicks things up a notch with an anthem about strength and resiliency, singing in the first verse, “I’m bent but I’m not broken / I’m stronger than I feel / I’m made of flesh and bone / Not made of steel.”

The tune, co-written by Miranda, Natalie Hemby and Liz Rose, is full of imagery and lyrical depth, none so more visual than the second verse: I’ve been burned out to ashes / Waiting for a wind / To carry me and start a fire again / Sometimes I’m just a flicker / A candle in your eye / But I swear to God / I’ll never let it die.

The new single also spawned the moniker for Miranda’s 2016 Keeper of the Flame Tour. In addition, Miranda launched an interactive book for The Weight of These Wings, where fans can connect to their Spotify accounts to hear Miranda talk through the inspiration for the album, explore unseen pictures and more. Listen to “Keeper of the Flame” below.

photo by Curtis Hilbun,

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