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The Real Reason Behind School Shootings ?

The Real Reason For School Shootings

Liberals & followers are quick to blame Guns for all violence because of their agenda to Disarm the USA


School shootings in the United States have significantly increased in the USA since the call for Gun Control. It’s almost as though school shootings are arranged to convince the people that gun control should be implemented. If you look at the map to the left you have to wonder if that is just coincidence or is it possibly as unbelievable as it may sound, part of a master plan.

“I am almost convinced that someone out there is organizing the school shootings so that the disarming of the people can eventually be implemented with the people’s blessing.” Connie Sita

However that is not a proven fact but it certainly looks that way, from a distance. The Liberals have been shouting gun control for so long that people who have been against it are starting to be convinced through propaganda that it is the way to go. So with every new school shooting gun control will sooner or later be implemented and the one’s in favor just need more school shootings for this to happen, and as I said from a distance, it’s almost as though the left are wishing and hoping for the next school shooting to happen.

“Parents who are buying their kids the most violent games imaginable can just as well buy them guns,  for in their kids minds there will eventually be no difference after being exposed to those violent games, after a period of time.” Connie Sita

Well with all that said back to the headline. Have you looked at your young and beautiful, innocent, loving and perfect children’s facial expressions lately from behind the TV set while they are playing the most horrific games you can imagine. You, yes you, the parent the Mother, Father or Grandparent you are the ones buying your kids violent games to play in the safety of your own homes. You may even be responsible for some of these school shootings, and please note I did say you may be responsible and not that you are. But who can tell and who knows?

Your kids are chopping off heads, blowing people to kingdom come, killing people in a game which to-day is so real and lifelike they will eventually not know the difference between what’s real and what’s not. Then with the introduction of huge TV sets and 4k clarity the blood and guts have become even more realistic.

With all that said, your kids are being taught to kill, kill, kill and kill again and again. They will kill  everyone violently in the game just because they can, who is not on their team. It has become so bad that all the kids can think about is to kill anyone who stands in their way in a game which can easily be taken from a TV screen to a real-life situation of a classroom in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Just think about that for a while, it’s absolutely frightening.

Parents, I believe it’s not the guns you keep to protect yourselves, it’s the games the kids are playing that are making your kids lose site of what is real and what is not. If you allow your kids to be taught how to KILL, KILL, KILL and KILL again and again then you can expect more school shooting with or without gun control.

With all the propaganda going on right now the ones behind  Gun Control will eventually disarm the United States with the continuation of School Shootings, but believe me, Gun Control is not the answer, for if implemented,  your problem will not go away, and if it does then I will believe that all these school shooting were deliberately organized to strip the people of their right to carry arms.

– Email send in to WHISNews21 by Connie Sitasin 24Dec2018.

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