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Luanne Hunt Steven Bankey’s Masterful Piece of Music

Luanne Hunt and Steven Bankey Team up to Create a New Masterful Piece of Music

Steven and Luanne sing in such a way that their vocals are a perfect fit

“Lightning In A Bottle” is a charming, country gem with a genuine and organic feel. The stomping rhythm and chunky chords of the guitar and the depth of the male vocals echo the work of classic legends of the genre from Johnny Cash to Waylon Jennings, and even Willie Nelson, just to mention a few.

As it often happens with the greatest country tracks, one of the greatest strengths of “Lightning In A Bottle” is decidedly the song’s stark minimalism, as well as its earnest and personal lyricism.

When Luanne joins in, her presence revolutionizes the dynamics of the song, morphing the tune from a somber country loner to an uplifting number with a more hopeful twist. Steven and Luanne sing in such a way that their vocals are a perfect fit, covering a wide range and using their different timbers and vital textures to add depth and width to this song.

Luanne is a true country star on the rise, and this song is yet another milestone in her amazing and fast-growing career. Along with her new “partner in crime”, Steven Bankey, Luanne managed to bring something very personal and unique to the table, while following the timeless traditions and stylistic quirks that make country music great. The production approach, for example, is direct and on-the-spot, with a  spontaneous, ”live” feel,  which retains clarity, while adding some life to the recording. “Lightning In A Bottle” lives up to its title with a truly electrifying melody and lyrics!

This country tune, with an alt-folk taste, will leave you yearning for some more.

 – Band Camp Diaries

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