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MCG: Talking Private Information and Sick People

MusicCityGhost Talking Private Information and Sick People


Your Private Information Given Out Freely:  Most people are at least a little hesitant to send out their private banking information on the internet unless they are sure the person receiving their email is someone they can trust.  Why would a music promoter send out the new song or songs they are promoting with 100 plus email addresses in the header?  Don’t they realize the other 99 people being sent the email now have your email as well.  Many times after receiving one of those kind of emails with multiple names included, I started receiving email from people I didn’t know.  Most of those emails were not only unsolicited but unwanted.  If a promoter wants to look professional they should consider using a data base email managing service to deliver their bulk emails.  Once your email addresses are uploaded to one of these services, your email will be sent to each person individually and all the other people listed in your data base are not shown.  A promoter works hard to gather up all those email addresses and to me it doesn’t make sense to give them all away in a single push of the send button.  

Sick people running businesses:  When a person running a business makes a decision that is very questionable, we respond by saying, “He’s sick.”  It turns out that statement in some cases is truer than we all thought.  We have all been affected by a company’s owner either firing an employee or picking a fight with someone over what appears to have no reason.  In some instances the owner of the company will say or do something that has everyone involved scratching their heads in wonder of what they were thinking.  It turns out that the truth is they weren’t thinking.  It has been proven over and over again that certain medications affect not only memory but also cognitive thinking.  In addition to the side effects of severe medical issues, there are those whose behavior is a result of their childhood upbringing.  Then there are all of those people who are determined to self destruct their careers the moment they realize they are doing very well.  I can deal with these situations on a daily basis fairly well.  What gets to me worse than anything is when these people profess to be Christians.  They hide under the fact that they are a Christian and so they prayed about their decision and therefore everything is as it should be.

– The Music City Ghost [File#2018/04]


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