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Cash Campbell Remembers Little Things in New Video

Cash Campbell Remembers the ‘Little Things’ in New Video

Let’s face it: breakups are unbelievably hard. Flashbacks captivate a broken heart’s every move and it typically always goes right back to the “Little Things” in a relationship, or so Cash Campbell believes. In the video for his newest song, Campbell acts as somewhat of a narrator overseeing the happy moments in a relationship. Although the sun finally set on what once was for the couple, all they can remember were those good memories with one another.

Campbell actually found the inspiration for the track within his own life, using the verses as a therapeutic release from the haunting thoughts of the girl he used to love. Although going back in time wasn’t the easiest task to put down on paper, the reminiscent wave rushed over Campbell and he knew others could relate who’d been through the same thing. “So I wrote this song with a couple of my buddies and this is actually the first song we recorded. We were kind of releasing them out of order. But all three of the verses are actually real stories from my life. Most of them high school and one of them college. But yeah, so there’s this definitely personally, kind of puts you in the feels, so you’re like, ‘Yep, that was that point in my life.’ Kind of fun, just another day. Depends on how you feel in the moment when you’re thinking back; nostalgia,” Campbell told Sounds Like Nashville about the song. While creating the song was a hands-on process for the singer, he stepped away from the video treatment and let a director come in to make the song into a visual masterpiece.

“This one, I actually, is the first video I’ve gotten to be a part of where I had nothing to do with it. He… I’ve gotten to be pretty hands on with all of the other videos. Most of them were my ridiculous crazy ideas that me and my friends just try to figure how to pull them off. This was the other way around where he was like, ‘Hey I heard this song, I’ve got this thought, how much do you trust me?’ And I was like, I trust you implicitly. Let’s do it. So I just kind of got to walk around and avoid being hit by pigeons while he did all the hard work, really,” he explained.


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