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MusicCityGhost Throwing Cd’s Out Nationwide

MusicCityGhost Throwing Cd’s Out Nationwide


This week a major retail store that has carried audio CD’s for years announced that very soon all CD’s will be removed from their shelves Nationwide.  As soon as the announcement was published another giant department store chain said they will do the same within a year.

Some of you don’t remember the 8 track tapes but some of you do.  You already know they were replaced with the audio cassette.  After the powers at be got your money for your cassette collection then they replaced them with the Compact Disc.  Now the CD’s are disappearing and not everyone is willing to go purchase a turntable to play it’s replacement which is vinyl records.

More and more bands are opting to allow their music to be downloaded for FREE on various websites.  The thinking on this concept is to get a huge following listening to their music and thus a larger audience attending their personal appearances.  I personally don’t buy CD’s and I am not about to start buying vinyl records.  The truth of the matter is when I receive an unsolicited  free download invitation to hear a new song, I seldom if ever take the time to save it on any of my devices.

Then there is the whole issue of songwriters not receiving compensation / royalties for their musical compositions.  I can’t imagine a world without music but what is the incentive to create new songs if their is no return?  By the way my really colorful CD’s make very nice coasters on my coffee table.  I have also seen online many nice wind chimes and other decorative uses for the compact discs which will not exist very shortly.

– The Music City Ghost [File#2018/03]


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