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Jacqueline Honored to Be a Woman in Country Music

It ain’t always easy to take care of business being a woman in country music. Jillian Jacqueline has experienced the setbacks and hurdles firsthand when it comes to her career, but she doesn’t let them get her down. In fact, those struggles propel the rising star to work even harder to achieve her goals. The “Reasons” singer always strives to find the courage within herself to look past any roadblocks she encounters and always cheers on her peers as they face struggles within the industry as well. In her eyes, if one female wins, they all win.

“It’s a tremendous amount of responsibility, just because I know there’s a lot of girls that are watching this next class, because I was one of them. I was watching the Marens and the Kaceys, being like, ‘I want this to work. Don’t slow down. Be brave.’ We’re all kind of cheering them on because watching them break open doors means there’s a path for us to also keep going,” Jacqueline explained to Sounds Like Nashville.

Recognizing those who came before her, Jacqueline finds confidence within her heroes as well. Mentioning the likes of Shania Twain, Faith Hill and so many more women before her that carved out the path she intends to follow, the “God Bless This Mess” singer seeks out their inner wisdom and studies how they kept grounded even when the industry wasn’t swinging the pendulum in their direction.

“You cannot do it without the trailblazers first,” Jacqueline told SLN. “I know they felt that way about women before them. There’s such an amount of respect for all the girls in this genre that are doing what they do right now. I’ve met so many of them, and I’m always blown away at the amount of confidence and inner strength that they’ve all had to find over the years.”

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