MCG: Questions, More Cranes and Simply Thinking

MCG: Randomly Questions, More Cranes and simply Thinking


Random questions with young people:  If ever there was any doubt that talking to a generation or two younger than you can be enlightening, then this story is for you.  I had the pleasure of asking a few questions recently to a young group and here is how it went.  I asked a young girl if she had ever heard of or used an outhouse.  She said she didn’t know what an outhouse was.  After I explained what it was she said, “Oh you mean a porta potty.”  She said yes she used one at an outside concert she went to one time.  I then asked a young boy if he had ever seen a mail man walking around the neighborhood carrying a large leather bag on his shoulder containing the mail.  He said no and the only man he ever saw carrying a bag on his shoulder was the repairman who fixed their air conditioner.  He had a lot of tools in that bag.  My final question for this young group was if they had ever heard of the Jitterbug.  One very enthusiastic young man shouted Yes it was the new strain of the flu.

Cranes and more cranes:  I just counted 28 Tower cranes in downtown Nashville, TN.  These cranes help with the ongoing construction of high rise office complexes, expensive luxury condominiums, and more downtown hotels. The developers are optimistic these spaces will be filled in no time at all with the ever growing and booming Nashville market that shows no sign of slowing down.  One big problem that is quite obvious is where are you going to park the cars from the tenants of these complexes?  Furthermore what about the visitors to the restaurants, bars, and other service oriented businesses these new sky scrapers will ultimately bring?  We don’t have enough parking downtown as it is to accommodate those wishing to attend the various events.  Now we are adding more reasons for people to go downtown and enjoy the downtown experience.  We didn’t have enough parking space before and now these new complexes are being built on old existing parking facilities.  By the way 28 working tower cranes operating  all at once are more working cranes than what is currently in downtown Manhattan, NY.

What are they thinking:  One of my grandchildren was recently assigned the task of completing a 10 page term paper on Childhood Obesity.  She is a freshman in one of our biggest High Schools here in Nashville.  She has never had a typing class.  The teacher warned all of the students that points would be taken off of their grade for such things as, spelling errors, poor grammar, and punctuation mistakes.  In addition to that the 10 page document has to follow all of the typing rules normally associated with the standard term paper form.  This is a girl who doesn’t even know that at the end of a sentence you must double space after the period before starting the next sentence.  She doesn’t know what the home row is on a typewriter or keyboard and any and all typing or more commonly called these days texting is done with her thumbs.  My question for today is really a very simple one.  How can a student be expected to complete this task and get a good grade on it without ever having taken a typing class?  It is frightening to me that teachers can assign a task like this to students that have never been given the skills to complete the assignment.


– The Music City Ghost [File#2018/02]



One thought on “MCG: Questions, More Cranes and Simply Thinking

  1. The Music City Ghost never disappoints the reader who will take the time to read his commentary.
    Keith Bradford – Host of Ya Gotta Luv It radio show
    Nashville, TN


    Posted by Keith Bradford | January 11, 2018, 7:46 am

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