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Life and Times of Music Valley’s John A. Hobbs

John A’s Book: The Life and Times of Music Valley’s Visionary

“I’ll never forget the Palace or Mr. Hobbs, I love that man.”- Randy Travis


Foreword by MLB umpire, Joe West. Nashville, TN, January 8, 2018: Announcing the release of the biography of influential Nashvillian, John A. Hobbs. Drawn from more than fifty hours of recorded interviews, The Life and Times of Music Valley’s Visionary recounts the captivating life story of one of Nashville’s most influential citizens. Rising from the depths of poverty to become one of the most successful businessmen in Nashville’s history, John A. Hobbs is the visionary who created Music Valley, Tennessee.

Mr. Hobbs is considered by many to be the Country Godfather. This delightful book takes you on a guided tour through his incredible journey and will leave you inspired by his benevolence. Untold dozens of personal anecdotes, many of them told by John A. himself, will provide you with a uniquely told insider’s history of Music City and the people who helped build it.

When the last page is turned you might be compelled to read it all over again. A treasure on your nightstand for years to come, and a golden thread that will change your life forever.

“John A. has a heart of gold and I think the world of him.” – Tommy Lasorda (Former LA Dodgers Manager)

“The early days at the Nashville Palace were the turning point in my career. I’ll never forget the Palace or Mr. Hobbs, I love that man.”- Randy Travis (Country Music Singer)

“My daddy was a good man, but if I hadn’t had a father, I’d want one just like John. That’s how much I think of him”-Ricky Van Shelton (Country Music Singer)

“Thou shall never be another John A. Hobbs.”-Sam Lovullo (Hee-Haw Producer)

“If you can count your friends on both hands you are a rich man. John A. is therefore, the richest man I know.” – Joe West (MLB Umpire)

Book launch/signing party on January 25, 2018 at John A.’s restaurant (2421 Music Valley Drive) 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Please contact Julie Richardsonat Buy your copy of the book at (mysite) or at

– Golden Country [WHISNews21]

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Create in me a new clean heart, O GOD

Filled with clean thoughts and right desires. psalm 51:10


Author:  Dianne Neal Matthews My daughter Recently got inspired by the “40 Bags in 40 days De cluttering Challenge,” which encourages people to inspect one area of their home at a time, removing at least one bag of unnecessary stuff from each space.  One logger has completed the challenge  as well annually since 2011 and claims that it has “changed my life forever,”as well as the lives of thousands of other people.

I’ve only seen the TV show Hoarders twice because I find it hard to watch.  In both episodes, forty bags would barely make a dent.  It’s hard to understand how anyone to let his or her home get so crammed with junk that it’s difficult to even walk through a room.  But once these people get help clearing out their houses, their demeanor and attitude toward life seems transformed.

Clutter can be a problem in an emotional and  spiritual sense too.  I may allow my life to be filled with harmful habits or destructive relationship.  My heart and mind can get crammed with worries, doubt, fear, or immoral thoughts and desires.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could lug bags of jealousy and it’s not that simple, but greed, anger, and the like to the curb to be picked up? Obviously it’s not that simple, but Jesus wants to help us clear the undesirables out of our hearts and minds.  We just need to invite Him to show  us what has to go and then depend on His power day by day to keep from allowing it back in Jesus challenges us to a de cluttering that is truly life changing.

Faith Step:  What is a command of Jesus’ that he has put on your  heart to do?

Find a way to obey that command and love Him today!

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