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MCG: On Retirement, Parking and Water Pipes 

MusicCityGhost Talking Retirement, Parking and Water Pipes


Blake Shelton talks about retiring: Blake Shelton who is 41 years old  has been hinting of retiring.  That is certainly his business and if his fans like it or not it is still his decision if he wishes to spend more time at his Oklahoma ranch doing what he wants to do.  Let me bring to light a point however.  Kitty Wells, her husband Johnnie Wright and Little Jimmy Dickens, just to name a few Country stars all worked in their 90’s.  Approximately 50 plus years more than Blake.  The famous actor Dick Van Dyke who is now 92 years old is STILL working and shows no signs of letting up.  Blake you might want to consider a possible longer career.  If not then Happy retirement.

Parking At the Gaylord Opryland Resort: Can you afford to park at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention center? Self parking is now $29.00 inclusive of tax.  Overnight Valet Parking is now $38 inclusive of tax. They suggest you go on the website and reserve your parking space to save the hassle of arriving there only to find out there is not a single parking space left.  I went on the parking page as directed from the main website and discovered that the day I wanted to visit,  that there were no spaces available.  This means that the acres and acres of parking spaces were sold out at $29.00 each.  They suggested using Valet parking which is $9.00 more than self parking.  This does not include a gratuity.  Just for the record the day I was intending on visiting the hotel was not a holiday.  In fact it was in the middle of the week and not on a weekend.

Water Pipes Bursting Everywhere: Here in Nashville we have water pipes bursting all over the region as a result of the bitter cold temperatures.  The authorities want approval from the taxpayers to spend up into the billions of dollars to improve our transportation system.  Don’t get me wrong if you ever drove in downtown Nashville at 5 PM you would agree we need to fix the traffic problem.  However, the water pipes laying under the ground in downtown Nashville are 40 – 50 years old and need replacing before the whole city is faced with water gushing into the air and turning into ice.  No one would love to see any more than I would either a mono rail or subway or something built to fix our congestion on the roads.  I just hope if and when that happens they decide to replace all of our water pipes at the same time.

– The Music City Ghost [File#2018/02]


Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

RhonsInspirationDaily2015aToday’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

“Lost and Found” Author: Aretta Gordish

 Our family was coming back from a camping trip when our van ran out of gas on the highway.  What a relief when a friend passed us and offered a lift home.  “We”ll   lock up  the van and come back for it to tomorrow ,” We were so tired we couldn’t  face the idea of unloading it all now , or think  about anything we’d need from it before tomorrow. But when I tucked five year old Nellie into bed, she asked “Where’s my blanket?”  The soft, fuzzy, yellow blanket  had been a gift from my grandmother when Nellie was born.  I’d brought Nellie home from the hospital in that blanket.  She’s never spent I’, a night without it before. “I’m sorry, sweetie,” I said “It’s back in the van.  We’ll get it tomorrow. Her little face fell.  I hated to disappoint  her, but the blanket would be safe until tomorrow.

First thing in the morning we returned to the van.  It had been broken into! Everything was gone.  Sleeping bag and cooler could be replaced in time, but Nellie was devastated at the loss of her blanket .  It was the one thing we cared about losing.  The one thing we couldn’t  replace. For our next camping trip we borrowed all the supplies,   including sleeping    bags.  Unpacking at the campsite, I opened up a hidden compartment under the seat.  Inside was a single sleeping bag the thieves had missed.

Nellie’s She snuggled her toes down into the bottom and felt something soft and fuzzy.

“My blankie” Angel’s cared  about it to.

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