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Blake Shelton Tweets Retirement Coming Soon’

Blake Shelton Tweets His Retirement is Coming REAL Soon

Blake Shelton had a banner year in 2017 with the release of his latest album Texoma Shore. The project earned him his 25th No.1 single with “I’ll Name The Dogs” and led him to become the most-played artist at country radio in 2017.

While his successes continue, the Oklahoma native recently hinted that his days in the spotlight may be numbered. After watching A Football Life, a documentary about Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, who recently retired after 42 years in the league, Shelton tweeted support to Arians and suggested that he too may soon be retired.

“Watching @BruceArians life story NFL channel. Damn proud to call you my friend coach,” tweeted the country superstar. “Enjoy your retirement!!! I’ll be joining you REAL soon brother!!!” The tweet sent fans into a tizzy as many hope to get new music from Shelton for years to come.

“We’re not ready to let you go,” added another.

The tweet isn’t the first time the 41-year-old has mentioned hanging up his hat. In May 2017, Shelton told ET that his follow-up to 2016’s If I’m Honest (later to be released as Texoma Shore) would be his last.

“I mean, that last album I made was gonna be my last — this next album I’m makin’s probably gonna be my last album,” he said. “So I really gotta decide what I wanna do.”

Shelton may have retirement on the brain, but he did recently re-sign his record contract with his longtime label Warner Music Nashville. While the terms of the contract were not released publicly, Warner Music Nashville chairman/CEO John Esposito told Billboard, “He re-signed with us to basically end his career here. That’s a long time.”

Fans can also expect to catch Shelton on the upcoming season of NBC’s The Voicewhen he returns for his 14th season in February alongside Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and new coach Kelly Clarkson. He’ll also spend part of his year on the road for his headlining Country Music Freaks Tour, which kicks off February 15 in Tulsa, OK.

Jack Blanchard Column: Enough About Me

Thousands of intelligent good-looking readers.


Misty Morgan, my wife and partner,
has a photographic memory for music.
I call it a “phonographic” memory.
She can play any piece she hears once,
even if it’s just background Muzak in a store,
but she does not read music.
She has never sung a note off key.

Her first underage jobs were with pickup combos
around Tonawanda, New York.
They played standards, dance music, and a little country.
As a piano single, she played and sang mostly standards,
Broadway, and popular songs.

When I met her she was playing with a country band
at The Corral Barbecue in West Hollywood, Florida,
under the name “Mary Male”.

One night, when we had only been together a short time,
we went to a club to hear an all female jazz quintet.
Somebody asked her to sit in on piano, and she accepted.
I was embarrassed. I said, “Honey, you don’t play jazz.”
She just said, “I can do it.”
As she went on-stage, I went to the rest room.
I didn’t want to see it.

Then I heard this great jazz piano,
a mix of Oscar Petersen, Erroll Garner, and Ramsey Lewis.
I went out and looked and it was Misty.
She brought down the house.
I said, “Where did you learn THAT?!”
She calmly said, “I told you I could do it”

She can play all kinds of music,
and never plays anything the same twice.

She is the first female entertainer I know of
to play six stacked keyboards onstage.
Sometimes the strings, guitars, fiddles,
and many other sounds on our records
are really Misty and her magic keyboards.
She can blend them with Buddy Spicher, Johnny Gimbel,
Vassar Clements, and other musicians,
so that you can’t tell. unless you were there.

Her ear for sound is a valuable tool I use when mixing sessions.
I can write the songs,
and we work out the arrangements together,
but she has the final word on the mixdowns.
She was the first woman to produce a Number One country record.

When I write a new song I sing it to her first.
She never says it’s bad.
If she says, “That’s really nice” I know it isn’t.
I have go back and work on the song
until she gives the right reaction.
It’s sort of an excitement in her eyes… sometimes even tears.
She’s always right. My final editor.

Everybody remarks about her unusual harmony our duets.
I have no idea what she’s doing and I don’t want to know.
It just works.

On top of all this,
she is the perfect straight man to my funny stuff.
She folds her arms and gives me a look that says this:
“Whenever you’re through, dummy.
We’re trying to do a serious show here.”

The audiences love her,
and so do I.

Jack Blanchard


Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan... 
Home Page:
Awards: Grammy, Billboard, CMA, BMI, ASCAP.
Mastering & restoration studio: 352-530-2068.

© Jack Blanchard, 2017.

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