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Clay Alston Back With New Hit Video “One Of A Kind”

Clay Alston Back With New Video “One Of A Kind”

Fans have always come first with Clay and this Video is making them Smile

After a short hiatus from performing “He’s Back” with a brand new number one single on AirplayExpress available for Radio Airplay download.  Clay Alston, Independent Superstar and Nashville Recording Artist is back with a new single and video “One Of A Kind” filmed by King Of The Road Productions in his hometown of Morgan City, Louisiana.

Clay worked a while on “One Of A Kind”as the story it told meant so much to him

Alston is proud to announce that he has a brand new website which highlights many other interesting stories, pictures and general info about Clay including his new Hit video.

Since Clay first started in the music business his Fans have always come first, and this new video for his #1 AirplayExpress single, “One Of A Kind” is making them smile from ear to ear.

This is not Clay Alston’s first number one and from the looks of his worldwide fan base it wont be his last either, what’s in store for Clay in 2018 ? We can already feel it in our bones, that it will only be good news for Country Superstar Clay Alston.

– Terry Jean Alston for Alston Entertainment

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Author Anne Ortlund: Omnipresence

I walked the other day along a river, And watched the ducks and heard some hawk lings’ cries.  Then suddenly the nearness of my Savior brought tears of joy and wonder to my eyes.

Oh praise the Lord! “This earth is crammed with heaven.” Oh praise the lord” And Christian look around! For every bush you pass with fire is flaming,   And every spot you tread in holy ground.

I stopped the other day to watch a fountain.  And marveled at the magic  of its grace’.  Then suddenly my  heart was on a mountain And worshiping Jehovah face to face!

I wept the other day–oh Christian  hear it! I went !  I wept the other day without control.  But suddenly the blessed Holy Spirit spoke peace again and calmed my needy soul.

Oh praise the Lord! “This earth is crammed with heaven!”  Oh praise the Lord!  And, Christian, look around!  For every bush you pass with fire is flaming and every spot you tread is holy ground!


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