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Cole Swindell Toasts “Flatliner” at Tootsie’s

Cole Swindell Toasts “Flatliner” at Tootsie’s

Nashville Honky-Tonk Turns 57 with Swindell No. 1 Party

Cole Swindell and his “Flatliner” co-writers Jaron Boyer and Matt Bronleewe took over Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge on Tuesday (Oct. 10) to celebrate their hit Dierks Bentley collaboration. The song went at No. 1 on the Mediabase chart and peaked at No. 2 on Billboard‘s country airplay chart in August.

Bentley couldn’t make it to the party to see Swindell, Boyer and Brownleewe get showered in congratulations, praises and plaques. But several members of the Music Row community packed into Tootsie’s third floor bar to help them celebrate over drinks, hot wings, chips and salsa. The event preceded the honky-tonk’s 57th Birthday Bash, which Swindell headlined.

Sony/ATV’s Josh Van Valkenburg, peermusic’s Kim Wiggins and Warner Music Nashville’s Cris Lacy each spoke about their clients’ achievements and the success of “Flatliner” before giving the floor to the night’s honorees.

“This was a hit because people freakin’ liked it,” Lacy said. “And you would think that it wouldn’t need to be said … I stood in the middle of a crowd of 20,000 people in Virginia Beach, Virginia, who were raising their beers and screaming and clapping and losing their minds on a Friday night when Cole and Dierks came out to sing ‘Flatliner.’

“There have been so many articles written about what is and what isn’t country music. I read them. They criticize our music. I want to tell you, that’s not an insult to Cole. I’ve got a bunch of stats that tell you how amazing he is. That’s an insult to the people who buy our music. Those people are the backbone of our industry.” Swindell agrees. Before the party, he told his career wouldn’t be what it is today without his fans. His No. 1 priority is making them happy.

“It’s about honoring those that didn’t make it home that night [in Las Vegas] for me and knowing that these fans, we wouldn’t have a career without them,” he said. “Our music brings people together and as a songwriter and as an artist, I want to try to put a smile on people’s faces.

“Knowing that I’m in the situation to write songs that can help people through tough times, that’s what I think about when I think of country music,” he added. “It’s those songs that got me through tough times as a kid and as an adult.”

In just over three years as an artist and a songwriter, Swindell has accumulated six No. 1s on Billboard‘s country airplay chart, five platinum singles, one gold single, a platinum debut album and a gold sophomore album.

Lacy surprised Swindell with a platinum plaque commemorating “Middle of A Memory.”

“Stay Downtown” is the fourth single from Swindell’s sophomore album You Should Be Here. He told plans for a third album are in the works.


Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday Oct 13, 2017

October 13, 2017 [Friday] Issue #1659


TSOF LOSES TWO MAGNIFICENT SOUNDS Remember when the Sound of Philly completely fills our control rooms with producer, background vocalist, and artist, Jerry Ross and great songwriter and music producer Walter [Bunny] Sigler? Together they bring us The Sound of Philadelphia (TSOF). Jerry Ross leaves us at 84 on Wednesday, October 4, 2017. Bunny Sigler passes away at 76 Friday morning, October 6, 2017. Together they create the majestic Philly sound with artists like The O’Jays & Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes that makes us love them.

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AMANDA MOVES ON UP ON KRLD-1080 After she graduates from the University of Oklahoma, Amanda Guerra begins her career as a KOCO TV reporter in Oklahoma City. Since October, 2016, Guerra serves Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX as KRLD-1080 midday news anchor and reporter. Prior to that, she is an anchor and reporter on KXAS TV. KRLD Program Director Paul Mann brags that Amanda Guerra joins Mike Rogers and Scott Sams as co-anchor of the KRLD Morning News weekdays from 5-10am on NewsRadio KRLD-1080 in Dallas.

HACKSAW RETURNS TO MIGHTY 1190 San Diegans last hear Lee [Hacksaw] Hamilton on 1090 three years ago before he exits to join XETV CW6 as their Sports Anchor. In January 2017, CW6 loses its CW Network affiliation to sister station KFMB-TV CH 8, which airs on both stations. XETV TV, becomes a Spanish-language TV station. Good news for San Diego, CA because Lee [Hacksaw] Hamilton rejoins sister station KFMB-TV CH 8 headlines. Hacksaw also has his own website (

BRETT AND TRACY OUT AT KKGQ FM Manhattan-based Rocking M Media acquires Envision-owned KKGQ FM (92.3) Wichita, KS. Amid its programming overhaul, Rocking M cancels the Brett and Tracy Mornings show. The comes along with the day-to-day management change of Q92 in Wichita, KS. Harris says Rocking M President Christopher Miller tells him that he cannot afford both him and Cassidy. You guys are a Cadillac, and I can’t really afford a Cadillac. Harris says. I guess (we’re) honored that we’re a Cadillac. It’s not their business model, she says.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Why does the BBC banned Halloween novelty song Monster Mash by Bobby [Boris] Pickett? The answer appears below.


•TOMMY HOUGH is no longer mornings on Alternative Rock XETRA FM (91X). On Monday, Danielle Stuht resumes Alternative Rock mornings show XETRA FM (91.1) San Diego, CA–Tijuana, MX. •PATRICK KNIGHTBonneville Country KYGO FM (98.5) Denver, CO Morning Show Producer since 2014 moves on up to Music Director. •WDSY FM CBS Radio Country WDSY FM [Y108] Pittsburgh files its morning opening with Bill Broadway Bertshinger beginning October 9, 2017 from iHeartMedia Country WWYZ FM [92.5] Hartford, CT.


•1957 GERMAN DEM REP recalls East Mark and issues new currency on October 13th. ‎•1962 HANK SNOW’ssingle I’ve Been Everywhere corrals #1 in Billboard Country on November 10th. ‎•1973 JORDAN enters Yom Kippur war on October 13th. ‎•1988 RANDY TRAVIS’ single Deeper Than The Holler releases on Warner Brothers records on October 21st. •1990 TARGET CENTER opens in Minneapolis on October 13th. •2005 KEITH URBAN’s video Better Life debuts on CMT on October 13th.


BILL GARDNER [ex KVIL FM Dallas, KCBQ-1170 San Diego, KSAN FM San Francisco, WFIL-560 Philadelphia, KOOL FM Phoenix] (Las Vegas, NV) Subject: Shrewd Choices. Hi Jim…(AND Suzie!) Thanks for your kind words. The “Rocky” story always amuses me, thinking what might have been. For me these days, after major market mornings and programming positions in Philly, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, Orlando and more, I felt very fortunate that I also have the credentials to be a professional airline pilot. Take a peek at my web site and see what an old disc jockey now looks like as a professional airline pilot. What I like the most is that unlike today’s radio business, airlines and their customers actually appreciate gray hair and decades of experience, and don’t mind paying for it. Plus, some personality goes a long way with the paying customers in this business too. Thanks again for getting back to me! Bill Gardner Las Vegas NV (

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STANLEY TEATER [ex KTEM-1400] (Austin-Cedar Park, TX) Subject: Verle Freeman (BJ Adams). Sign me up for the newsletter. I must have been at KTEM (1400) when all of that drama was going on, but I don’t remember hearing anything about it. I lived in the sales department for my first six or seven months there writing commercials. During the 3+ years I was there I was promoted several times, but none of my previous responsibilities went away, new ones were added. I started as a copywriter, then became copywriter/production director, then copywriter/production director/office manager, then copywriter/production director/office manager/operations manager. Finally, they gave the production manager duties to B.J. After the GM Don Chaney was moved to Tyler (He took Chuck White with him) the sales manager George Franz was made GM. Stan

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TONY BOOTH [KLIF-1190, WFAA-570, KKDJ FM, KAYC-1450, KDOK-1240] (Richmond, VA) Subject: Tony Booth. Jim, a few columns back you mentioned TONY LAWRENCE. I went to Paris High School with the ‘other’ Tony…we both were in radio but the two competing stations in Paris. I left for KAYC/Beaumont up graduation in 1966 and briefly lost contact with Tony. However, when I got back from the Army in 1970, I was briefly PD a KDOK/Tyler and heard him on WFAA. Shortly there after, I got ‘the call’ from Michael O’Shea inviting me to come to KLIF. Called Tony one day to let him know where I was and maybe get together for coffee. Never heard back from him but always wanted to know what happened to him. Needless to say, there was a rivalry between us in high school. Is he still in the DFW area? If you talk with him soon, tell him “hello” from me. After KLIF, I was PD at KBBC/Phoenix and did work at KKDJ in LA…then to Pennsylvania and finally here in Richmond, Va for the last soon to be 33 years. Tony

JACK PARNELL [former Program Director/DJ on WHBQ-560] (Memphis, TN) Subject: “Million Dollar Quartet”. Afternoon Jim: Guess you knew too that he (Stan Phillips) was an announcer off and on for WREC here in Memphis. He began there as a board engineer…brilliant man. Now, his 2 sons, Jerry and Knox own & run some stations down in North Mississippi. JP

TRIVIA ANSWER: On October 10, 1962…the BBC radio service banned the Halloween novelty song Monster Mash by Bobby [Boris] Pickett. Neither obscene nor controversial, the BBC uses catch-all regulation that prohibits the broadcast of anything deemed offensive. What may be offensive to some is hilarious to others.

WALT PINTO [WLML FM (100.3) Palm Beach, FL middays] (Cobalt, CT) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1645) August 25, 2017 [Friday] Don’t preview. I use Godaddy’s email program, and click on a message in the inbox and it opens. Using Firefox as a browser. Could that have something to do with it? Anyway, open every message from you that I get and read it all. The trivia questions are great.

NAPOLEAN BONAPARTE (August 15, 1769 – May 5, 1821) I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion. The whole secret of government lies in knowing when to be the one or the other.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Author – Corrie Ten Boom

Reflect: I once visited a weaver’s school, where the students were making beautiful  patterns.  I asked, “When you make a mistake, must you cut it out and start from the beginning”. A student said, “No. Our teacher is such a great artist that when we make a mistake, he uses it to improve the beauty of the pattern.’

Renew: That is what the Lord does with our mistakes.  He is the greatest artist, but we must surrender.  Surrender your blunders to the Lord. He can use them to make the pattern of your life more beautiful.

Please go to Psalm 147:1-14 Proverbs 16:1-9

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