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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday Sept 25, 2017

September 25, 2017 [Monday] Issue #1654


HURRICANE HARVEY HORROR STORY After Hurricane Harvey hits, the evening horror begins when our electricity goes out. Out of groceries. So, I jump in the car and drive .8 of a mile to Kroger’s but they are closed. Oh no! A half block farther on Memorial Drive and even 24 hour Walgreen’s closed, too. Should turn around and go back home. Even all of the street lights are out. So pitch dark that you cannot even see your hand in front of your eyes. Get lost on the other side of I-10 in Spring Branch. Prayer goes out, Lord please help me to get back to I-10. At last there is I-10! Make it to our Kirkwood Drive exit but it is closed. Next exit Dairy Ashford closed. At HWY 6 I squeeze through barriers, some water and make it to Memorial Drive and turn left. Can only go a few yards because a fire truck plus two firemen block the way. Tell the fireman that I leave home on Bateswood Drive at Memorial about an hour ago and that is where my home is. Fireman says water rises rapidly. Cannot make it back home because that area is now under water. The big fireman demands that I vacate my old 1984 Buick Electra in the Exxon parking lot at Memorial Drive and HWY 6. By that time my back pain increases. The big fireman tells me to abandon my car and either go to Memorial Hermann hospital or a shelter.

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HORROR LIVES ON IN THE HOSPITAL At Memorial Hermann hospital, absolutely no one is friendly. It is a total nightmare to be stranded inside a prison with unfriendly guards. My cell phone is dead. No one at the hospital has a proper charger for my new Apple 7 phone. Around a corner there is a phone on the wall. After no telling how many hours, I call Yellow cab. They are not running. Call Metro Lift get same answer. After several hours, I call Metro Lift again. Hallelujah Metro Lift says they will pick me up in 90 minutes. Well, double or triple that time and they finally arrive. Because of barriers and flood water, M-L has to circle around for an hour or so to get me home. M-L drives up in front of our empty parking space #99. Our apartment is right above our parking space. After no telling how many hours on into the next day, I finally make it home, climb the stairs, open the front door and collapse in a chair in a completely dark apartment. Sometime later, our electricity comes back on. Quickly put my dead cell phone on its charger.

CAR STILL STRANDED Call my ex girlfriend, Betty, in San Antonio who has a good head on her shoulders. Betty is a top real estate agent in S-A. Ask dear Betty if she can find out if the city tows my car, if so where is it and maybe, just maybe it still sits 4 miles straight west of home in that Exxon parking lot at Memorial Drive and HWY 6. Sweet Betty calls with good news! She says she talks with the owner of the Exxon station. Our old Buick still sits facing the office in the Exxon parking lot. Next day, one of our Tallowood Baptist church deacons takes me in his big SUV to see if we can make it to my car. Our apartment is at Bateswood Drive and Memorial Drive. Our car sits 4 miles straight west on Memorial Drive but some or a lot of it is under water. So, we cannot drive straight west on Memorial Drive. Just about all of the exits under water. We have to go in the opposite direction, circle around here and there to make to my stranded car at the Exxon gas station. Praise God! No flood water or vandals damage our old Buick Electra! This whole incident leaves me all shook up like in Elvis Presley’s hit tune.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who establishes the first radio newsroom? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lee Woods September 12th. Tom Ellis September 22, 2017. •LARRY BLACKERBY VP/GM of E.W. Scripps WRTV TV ABC CH 6 Indianapolis, IN departs after nearly seven years. Jeff Block Scripps Special Projects Consultant is interim GM. •GENESEE MEDIA launches Talk WOKR-1310 Canandaigua/Rochester NY. •JAY DILLON Cumulus Country WFMS FM (95.5) Indianapolis, IN afternoon host takes Jake Ryan’s midday post. •CHRIS RANDOLPH joins WFMS FM afternoons from mornings on WXMA FM Louisville, KY.


•1952 CHRISTOPHER REEVE 6′ 4″ actor (Superman – 1979) born September 25th in NYC, NY. •1966 TIM RUSHLOW lead singer of Little Texas born on October 7th in Arlington, TX. •1972 KAVT TV (now KSMQ) PBS CH 15 in Austin, MN begins broadcasting on September 25th. ‎•1989 K.T. OSLIN & Clint Black play Carnegie Hall on October 5th. ‎•1992 CHINA performs nuclear test on September 25th at Lop Nor PRC. •2012 TAYLOR SWIFT’s single Begin Again releases to radio on Big Machine records on September 25th.


BETTY KIRKPATRICK [former girlfriend] (San Antonio, TX) Good Morning Jim, I had cup of tea in hand this morning and for some reason went back to your first column and started my day with a great laugh. I had the fun of shooting pool with Clint Eastwood at Big John Hamilton’s house and in fact beat him 29 games of the 30 played on Big John’s bumper pool table. Clint had recently finished a bunch of spaghetti westerns that made him famous and was in San Antonio to speak with The Arts Foundation. We shot pool all afternoon the first day he arrived then I went home to change for dinner and when I returned John had a dozen beautiful, somewhat beautiful and willing ladies with long eyelashes, little waist, and dressed to kill ..as we were to leave in this convoy for dinner at the famous Big John Steakhouse and Oyster bar on the old Austin Highway. Big John says Sis, you and Clint come in here meaning the kitchen. Big says to Clint “You have seen them all so which one do you want”? Clint puts his arm around my neck and says “Big John I already have mine so you go and get yours”. I think he felt safe and comfortable with his new buddy ..me.. Bruce Hathaway, KTSA. one of the few guys in attendance that first evening always thought there was more to the story and Big John swore I let Clint win that last game.

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BILL CHERRY [Realtor, In late 1950s Music ’til Dawn host on WWL-870] (Houston, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1653) September 22, 2017 [Friday] Jim, thanks for doing such a great job of getting Walter’s (Hammock) predicament out to all of your readers

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DAN MCCURDY [formerly Charlie & Harrigan-KLIF-1190; KBOX-1480 Dallas, TX; WMEX Boston, MA] (Sherman-Denison, TX) Subject: Our prayers for quick healing! Jim…thanks mucho for your kind note — in the middle of your Harvey horror, taking the time to send well wishes to a guy with a YIKES! gallbladder-ectomy is beyond the call. September 11 will be remembered by all Americans for the 2001 murders of nearly 3000 innocents in NYC, for Hurricane Harvey victims, for ‘cane Irma’s upstate RotoRooter job on Florida and me for the modern miracle of laparoscopic surgery — my plans for next 9/11? Hunkering down in my ‘Dan Cave’ for 24 hours. – Dan McCurdy, KLIF, KBOX -Dallas; WMEX – Boston; Texas Radio Hall of Fame inductee 2004.

TRIVIA ANSWER: On September 20, 1921 KDKA-1020 Pittsburgh, PA establishes world’s first radio newsroom and begins one of the first daily radio newscasts in America reporting from the city desk of The Pittsburgh Post.

JAMES MARVELL [Mercy lead singer – ‘Love Can Make You Happy’ 1969] (Brandon-Tampa, FL) Subject: Here it is Jim Rose – Photo of Gary Paxton and Marvell attached plus News update! Thanks Jim and Suzie! James Marvell formerly of Mercy of “Love Can Make You Happy” fame records a Gary Paxton original “You Can Begin Again”. Already showing up at IndieWorld/Nashville and picked up by Jimmy Jay ‘DJ Of The Stars’ host of the REWIND Show for his Huge Radio Network. A song of Hope written by the late Gary S. Paxton producer of many hits like “Monster Mash”, “Alley Oop” and more. Paxton passed away last year but was also awarded a Dove for his writings like “He Was There All The Time”. (Search N.Y. Times for Gary Paxton) Listen to song at this link

LOWELL THOMAS (April 6, 1892 – August 29, 1981) So long, until tomorrow.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo


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