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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday Sept 15, 2017

September 15, 2017 [Friday] Issue #1651


TRAGEDY STRIKES FOX NEWS According to The NYPost, former Fox News Channel anchor Eric Bolling’s 19-year-old son Eric Chase apparently takes his own life on Friday evening, ‎September ‎8, ‎2017 in Boulder, CO where he attends the University of Colorado. The elder Bolling confirms the passing of his son Saturday in a statement on his Twitter account: Adrienne and I are devastated by the loss of our beloved son Eric Chase last night. Details still unclear. Thoughts, prayers appreciated.

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COUNTRY MUSIC’S GENTLE GIANT EXPIRES Country Music Hall of Fame member who we all know as The Gentle Giant, Don Williams, is born on May 27, 1939 in Floydada, TX. Don begins to strum the guitar at 12. During his four decades of wonderful tunes, Williams charms us fans with tunes like Good Ole Boys Like MeTulsa Time and It Must Be Love. On ‎Friday, ‎September 8, ‎2017 Country Music’s Gentle Giant, Don Williams, passes away at 78 of natural causes.

TROY GENTRY IS GONE Helicopters kill passengers in Viet Nam. Copters also slay passengers in New Jersey. Just before a show in Medford, NJ, multi-platinum selling and award-winning Country duo Montgomery Gentry’s Schweitzer 269 helicopter crashes in a wooded area off the end of Runway 1 at the Flying W Airport in Lumberton, NJ where the band is set to play a show later in the evening. The pilot, 30-year-old James Evan Robinson, also perishes in the crash. Witnesses observe twisted metal and the rotor of the chopper strewn throughout the grass.

HURRICANE IRMA KNOCKS ON FLORIDA’S DOOR Hurricane Irma shocks the Caribbean with 28 deaths. After Irma leaves the coast of Cuba, it makes landfall on Marco Island off Florida’s west coast with winds of up to 120mph. 2ft of water rushes through Miami’s financial district. Observers witness high winds in Fort Myers, Clearwater Beach and Egmont Channel. Irma rocks Lakeland, 32 miles north-east of Tampa. President Donald Trump signs a major disaster declaration and emergency federal aid for Florida.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who is the original voice of Superman on the radio? The answer appears below.


•FOX NEWS ends its 10-year association with host Eric Bolling and cancels The Specialists at 5 pm. •FOX BUSINESS NEWS announces the return of host Chris Payne who they suspend in June 2017. •GABBY LOIELO artist formerly known as Polly Wogg segues from Forever Media Country WFRB FM (Big Froggy 105.3) Cumberland, MD as new midday personality on Aloha Trust Country WFRE FM (Free Country 99.9) Frederick, MD. •JOHN MAYER ex WFLZ FM (93.3) Tampa, FL PD joins Caroline as Regional Promotion Director.


•1957 BACHELOR FATHER with John Forsythe premieres on September 15th. •1960 DOUG SUPERNAW(Reno #2 for 2 weeks – 1993) is born in St. Joseph Hospital on September 26th in Bryan, TX. ‎•1977 LEONARD CAREY actor (Laughter) dies at 90 on September 11th. ‎•1982 ALABAMA debuts on the Grand Ole Opry on October 29th. •1996 TEXAS RANGERS retire their 1st number Nolan Ryan’s #34 on September 15th. ‎•2000 KENNY CHESNEY’s Everywhere We Go is his first Double-Platinum album on September 16th.


BRUCE ELROD [Cash Box & Record World owner/publisher] (Ridgeway, SC) Subject: Bulletin! With all the storm news, I don’t want to get this overlooked. Don Williams one of the greatest country singers OF ALL TIME passed away. He was 78. Troy Gentry half of the duo Montgomery Gentry died in a helicopter crash earlier today. Cashbox Since 1942

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WAYNE WARNER [Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center] (Springfield, MO) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio (#1649) September 08, 2017 [Friday] Jim, I hope you are in better shape, storm-wise, than you were last week. Your experience being lost and winding up in the hospital was horrible. We hear so many stories about the tragedy that it is hard to believe. Now it appears that Florida might be hit. A TV note from Springfield. Gray Television bought two stations here a couple of years ago. They operated in the same building and used the same broadcasting system. Two weeks ago word broke that they were laying off 12 employees, camera people, weatherman, etc., including a news anchor I know. It was a shock here but just another example of big corporations taking over and eliminating jobs of longtime, and higher salaried, employees. The news anchor is an army veteran and attends the monthly Veterans Connection breakfast I direct. Nice guy. When he was 40, he gave up an anchor position and joined the army. He served 5 years as a medic. f you want more info, I can furnish it because I want to make certain it is accurate. Best wishes and God’s blessing on you. Wayne Warner

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JIM BELL [KUHF FM 88.7 Morning Edition anchor since 1997-retires 2010] (Lufkin, TX) After A&A (Amos and Andy) was taken off the air in 1955 Amanda moved uptown for another “house-maid” role in the Danny Thomas Show, Make Room For Daddy, which ran until 1965. Her “family maid” job may have been what we today call a “subservient” role, but Randolph ran Danny’s household like a drill sergeant. I’ve read that was exactly the way Thomas wanted her to play it. He wanted her commanding personality to drive her character. That’s the kind of guy he was. Jim Bell – High, Dry and retired in Lufkin

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CHARLES GEORGE [kc5rai, ex KCHU FM] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Passing on. I liked a song done by Jackie Wilson, Passing Through. Unfortunately, I lost a friend Joy Perry. She did work in accounting at The Dallas Morning News. Her daughter Carolyn called to tell me of her passing. I find often we only hear about the Bad in Life, but then Christ said to give your Alms in Secret. I recently bought an album by Jimmy Witherspoon, it had T-Bone Walker on it as a band member. I thought how much a Great Person does not need to talk about being Great, unlike some Radio/TV Hosts and Politicians. I have learned to play a song on my 5-String Banjo, Summer Is Almost Gone. 73, Charles, KC5RAI

TRIVIA ANSWER: On September 8, 1969 the voice of Superman on radio and TV game show host Clayton [Bud] Collyer (Beat the ClockTo Tell the Truth) dies of circulatory ailment at 61.

JIM HALSEY [Manager of The Oak Ridge Boys] (Tulsa, OK) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio. Praying for you, Jim and Suzie!!! And all of the multitude of others in hurt and distress!!!

JAY WEAVER [KLBK–1360 Lubbock; KBUY–1540, KPCN-730 Fort Worth] (DFW-Hurst) Subject: Your Car. I’ve been concerned about your car, Jim. So very happy you got it back! Fantastic! Finding Your Car OK Is A “Praise God”. Jay Weaver and Rhonda

DON WILLIAMS (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519) I live in the city, but I don’t fit in. Lord Have Mercy on a Country Boy.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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