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Scotty McCreery Is Proud of Lauren Alaina’s Success

Scotty McCreery Is Proud of Lauren Alaina’s Success

Sees It as Validating “Everything We Did on ‘Idol’”

In 2011, then-teenagers Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina endeared themselves to a lot of television viewers during their Season 10 stint on American Idol. And for that, their careers will probably always be intertwined.

Lauren’s recent No. 1 has been validating to Scotty, a point he mentioned to Nash Country Daily during a sit-down to chat about his new single, “Five More Minutes.”In the six years since Scotty was crowned Idol champion and Lauren finished as the runner-up, both stars have had their shares of successes and setbacks. Scotty scored Top 10 hits with “See You Tonight” and “Feelin’ It” in 2014, but he lost his record contract with Mercury in 2016. Lauren underwent vocal cord surgery in 2014, but she stormed back with her first No. 1 single, “Road Less Traveled,” in 2017.

“After ‘Road Less Traveled’ went number one, I texted Lauren and let her know how proud I was of her,” said Scotty. “We went through something together with Idol that no one will ever truly understand. It was a blast and fun, but they definitely put us through the wringer, so to go through that with her, she’ll always be kind of a sister to me. We don’t talk as much as we used to, but she’s such an awesome person. And, in my opinion, she’s got one of the best dang voices in Nashville. She’s a powerhouse. I’m so proud of her to get that number one. It kind of validates everything we did on Idol, and it’s so cool to see that success for her.”

Check out Scotty’s new single, “Five More Minutes,” below.


Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday July 3, 2017


July 3, 2017 [Monday] Issue #1630


KISS STEAMY HITMAKER GOODBYE Remember Rock group Steam and their #1 hit tune Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (1969)? Winning sports teams sometimes chant the catchy tune toward losing sports teams to head out of the stadium with a sarcastic goodbye. In 2014, Gary DeCarlo releases album, Long Time Comin’, with new version of the band’s biggest hit that sells over 6.5 million copies. On Wednesday, ‎June ‎28, ‎2017 Steam lead singer/writer Gary DeCarlo passes away with lung cancer at 75 in hospice care in Shelton, CT.

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GRETA LEAVES THE MSNBC BUILDING Veteran news anchor, Greta Van Susteren exits Fox News abruptly in September 2016 after 14 years. Van Susteren comes to MSNBC after a 14-year run at Fox News. MSNBC gives 63-year old Greta Van Susteren no prior notice of their decision to give her the boot on Thursday, ‎June ‎30, ‎2017. Greta is one of only a few broadcasters to host shows on all three major cable news networks.

WOODY REUPS FOR FIVE YEARS Woody Fife joins Ravey, Menace and Greg Gory on KITS FM (Live 105) San Francisco, CA to become The Woody Show. In April 2014, The Woody Show comes to KYSR FM (ALT 98.7) Los Angeles, CA from Emmis Alternative KPNT FM (105.7 The Point) St. Louis, MO. iHeartMedia announces an exclusive five-year pact with Los Angeles-based morning personality Woody Fife to continue to host The Woody Show on KYSR FM (ALT 98.7). plus, will syndicate nationally on Premiere Networks.

RODNEY LEAPS INTO OUTER SPACE ON SIRIUSXM L.A. Rock fans who miss Rodney Bingenheimer since he exits KROQ FM, have no fear, Rodney returns to radio. In just less than five weeks after veteran music expert Rodney Bingenheimer leaves his over 40 year perch as Rodney on the ROQ on The World Famous KROQ FM (106.7) Los Angeles, CA, he signs with SiriusXM to champion some of the greatest music of our time both past and future on Sunday, July 16, 2017 at 6pm PT on Channel 21 and online on

TRIVIA QUESTION: What is the first radio station to play Don McLean’s American Pie in its 8-minute, 36-second entirety? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Neenah M. Friedheim July 3, 2017. •IHEARTMEDIA flips AC WISX FM (Mix 106.1) Philadelphia, PA to Classic Hip Hop The New Real 106.1, Philly’s Real No. 1 for Throwbacks effective immediately. •MICHELLE BENINCASA Promotion Assistant of WBZZ FM/WDSY FM (107.9) is new Station Promotion Manager of WDSY FM (Y108). •ADRIAN GARCIA KROQ FM (106.7) Los Angeles, CA Events Director out after 11-years. (


•1958 ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW debuts on July 3rd on ABC TV (later CBS and NBC). •1968 JEANNIE C. RILEYrecords Tom T. Hall written single Harper Valley P.T.A. on July 26th.‎ •1972 MISSISSIPPI FRED MCDOWELLBlues singer/guitar player dies at 68 on July 3rd in Memphis, TN. ‎•1980 JOHN CONLEE debuts on The Grand Ole Opry on July 5th.‎ •1993 CURLY JOE DERITA last of Three Stooges dies of pneumonia at 83 on July 3rd. ‎•2008 KIX BROOKS (Brooks & Dunn) runs with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain on July 6th.


DALE TURNER [Former Disney Lyric Street and RCA Nashville label exec] (Nashville-Kingston Springs, TN)Jim, yes I would very much like a subscription to your newsletter. My city of residence is Kingston Springs in Tennessee. A small bedroom community of Nashville. And yes I do a morning show in nearby Dickson at WDKN FM/AM. Country music format with your basic small town features like “Swap & Shop”, local high school sports coverage and talk programming on weekends. Hello to Suzie and sorry about your internet issues. Take care Jim.

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TONY BOOTH [KAYC-1450, AFKN [Seoul, Korea] 1968, KDOK-1330, KLIF-1190, WLEE-1480] (Richmond, VA) In 1984, I was transferred to Richmond as general manager for WLEE til 1990. I became a consultant in 1990 and did work in Pittsburgh, Williamsport, PA as well as Greensboro before coming back to WLEE in 1993 for another two years. I was back on the air here in Richmond at various stations part time as I now had an advertising/public relations company MATMEDIA which later became MILLENNIUM MARKETING. Here in Richmond I was morning host at WRVA, part time at K-95, 106.3 Motown Soul and Rock and Roll and, twelve years ago, started doing afternoons at 1073BBT (WBBT) which ended last month when stations went to an All-80s format and I was out for making too much money. I am now going back to college to became a substance abuse counselor and looking to do some voice tracking of shows. It’s been a great 54 1/2 year career. As stated, have been married to Marsha for almost 43 years and have two children. Hope that is what you’re looking for. What is your broadcasting background? Tony

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TONY LAWRENCE [WFAA-570/KKDA-730] (D/FW-Arlington, TX) Subject: The past comes alive… In this week’s column (#1629)I noticed four names from my past with which have a lot in common. Bill Conway, who is talking about a retirement home and someone I’ll always remember, Lee Douglas who is the greatest radio man of all times and who I learned much from, Bud Buschardt who was a great TV producer even before radio and Tony Booth, hometown hero, who graduated high school with me many years ago. …boys, has it been that long ago? Thanx JRR

TRIVIA ANSWER: On June 26, 1971 WNEW FM (102.7) New York City is the first radio station to play Don McLean’s American Pie in its 8-minute, 36-second entirety.

BUD BUSCHARDT [WFAA TV CH 8 Director, KVIL FM, WFAA-570, ABC sat radio DJ] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Reply to Bill Cherry. Jim, I did not realize that Bill Cherry had also written his note to you too about me “losing my mind”. I think he assumed I did not like Wee Willie Wayne’s “I Remember” or “Doodie Woo” just because I said “it probably would not test well”. I have already replied this to him: As far as I know, Bill was in radio in the days before music tests, so I explained to him how they worked and partially contributed to the downfall of radio. Thanks Bud

BILL CHERRY [Realtor, In late 1950s Music ’til Dawn host on WWL-870] (Dallas, TX) Jim, Bud Buschardt is losing his mind. Doodie Woo deserves the greatest of reverence. Listen to this and tell me I’m wrong. (

ANDREW [Andy] HOGG BROWN (Amos ‘n Andy 1951-53) Holy Mackarel, Kingfish!

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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