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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday June 30, 2017

June 30, 2017 [Friday] Issue #1629


BAYOU CITY RADIO LEGEND PASSES INTO THE NIGHT From the 1950s to the 1970s Houston, TX radio listeners dance to the bop sounds of Paul Berlin on Top 40 KNUZ-1230. From 1974 to 1997 Paul eases back a bit with a softer touch music on sister station KQUE FM. In 1997, Paul takes his EZ Listening radio show over to KSEV-700. In 2001, Berlin’s radio magic relocates to KBME-790. On Thursday, June 22, 2017 Bayou City concert promoter and popular radio DJ Paul Berlin enters Heaven’s Gates at 86.

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TONY THE TIGER’S LAST GROWL Remember Tony the Tiger TV cartoon mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes? For 55 years, we see Tony the Tiger on TV for Frosted Flakes. In the mid-1960s, another Tony [The Tiger] Taylor hosts mid-days on Top 40 WQXI-790. In 1965, Kent Burkhart, manager of WQXI-790 (Quixie in Dixie), hires Taylor when he hears him on a New York radio station and brings him down South to Atlanta, GA. Tony the Tiger Taylor whose real name is William Wahl passes away of leukemia at 80.

IS MSNBC GOING CONSERVATIVE For decades, TV viewers on the left side of mainstream find solace in MSNBC cable TV’s line up. As cable TV news goes, MSNBC is about as liberal as they get. Greta Van Susteren one of Fox News top Conservative anchors for the past 14 years abruptly switches to MSNBC. For the Recordwith Van Susteren debuts on MSNBC on January 9, 2017. Salem Radio Network Conservative Talk show host Hugh Hewitt begins to host a Saturday morning show on MSNBC on Saturday, June 24, 2017.

ERIN JOINS BIG JIM IN MOTOWN Erin Vermeulen, who begins her broadcasting career on the former WYUR-1310 Detroit, MI later travels to South Africa, Dubai, Cairo, Denver and Phoenix. Most recently, Erin is a member of the Bill Handel Morning Show on iHeartMedia News-Talk KFI-640 Los Angeles, CA. Starting Monday, July 10, 2017 Beasley Media Group welcomes Erin Vermeulen as the newest member of Big Jim O’Brien’s Classic Rock WCSX FM Detroit morning team.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who begins the art of record promotion when he sends free copies of new record releases to disc jockeys? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Barry Kaye radio’s #1 DJ & Judy Salvador June 30, 2017. •LANCE ZIERLEIN (47) on Houston, TX radio for 20 years does not renew his contract as morning co-host with Matt Thomas on iHeartMedia Sports KBME-790 to target•LESLIE HALL Saga Alternative WLZX FM (Lazer 99.3) Springfield-Northampton, MA 13 year morning host says on air that she relocates to Sarasota, FL after June 30, 2017. •PAT KELLY WLZX FM afternoon personality replaces Leslie Hall effective July 11, 2017.


•1951 VICTOR BORGE SHOW last airs on NBC TV on June 30th. •1966 MERLE HAGGARD records his single The Fugitive on August 1st at the Capitol Recording Studio in Hollywood, CA. ‎•1975 CHER just 4 days after she divorces Sonny Bono marries Gregg Allman on June 30th. •1982 RONNIE MILSAP’s Any Day Now grabs #1 in Billboard Country on July 3rd. •1994 OJ SIMPSON pre-trial hearings open in LA on June 30th. •2009 ZAC BROWN BAND’s Toes releases to radio on Atlantic records on July 1st.


KENT BURKHART [former Radio consultant with Lee Abrams-KXOL-1360, WQXI-790] (Atlanta, GA) Two of my favorite memories about Tony “the Tiger” Taylor are as follows. Tony was a sensational golfer, and he decided that he could make a fair golfer of me (the world’s worst golfer). He was not successful, but I do remember playing a match with him at Chastain Park in Atlanta in which I accidentally hit an accurate shot that lodged in some grass that had a steep slant. Three feet, sharp curve!!! I accidentally hit it perfectly into cup. Tony said “I can’t believe it”. I couldn’t either but it was so!!! The next event is when Tony left WQXI to go to the “major markets” and ended up working for Bill Drake’s station in New York. Tony called me in Atlanta from NYC and said “Hey, you told me to be a personality and SMILE. Bill Drake told me NOT to smile!!! Which is it????” You’ll never believe what I told him!!!!! My last contact with Tony was in the past year. He was in his car driving to give someone in north Georgia a golf lesson. “When you have time lets have lunch” I said. He said “Let’s touch base after the summer”. It will never happen. He was a great guy and broadcaster. He is already missed. Kent Burkhart.

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BILL CONWAY [Previous PD/OM Entercom KOIT FM] (San Diego, CA) I’m not sure if that was him (Lee Douglas). I don’t know when he went to KLIF (1190) from WFAA (820/570) and then returned in 1970 about the time I started. He was replaced at KLIF (1190) by Dickie Heatherton. At the time Lance Rentzel was still starring with the Cowboys and Dick’s sister Joey was Lance’s high profile wife. He still harbors bad feelings toward the Cowboys because of that but I work on him. Lee and Barbara are about 20 minutes away from our retirement home in Palm Springs so we hang out a lot. Bill Conway

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TONY BOOTH [KAYC-1450, AFKN [Seoul, Korea] 1968, KDOK-1330, KLIF-1190, WLEE-1480] (Richmond, VA) Back in the States, Dana Adams hired me to be the PD at KDOK, Tyler but not long afterwards Michael O’Shea hired me to KLIF (1190)/Dallas. I also was the stadium announcer for the Texas Rangers and did a syndicated show out of PAMS of Dallas called “Auto Rock.” In 1974 right after I got married (still am to Marsha after almost 43 years), Ralph Beaudin (who put KQV on the map as well as WLS and later created the four news services at ABC/News) hired me as PD at KBBC/Phoenix. After almost four years there, I went to WFBG/Altoona, Pennsylvania as PD/Ops Manager as well as National Program Director for the Gilcom Corporation.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Glenn Wallichs Capitol records manager mints the art of record promotion when he sends free copies of new record releases to radio DJs on June 4th, 1942.

BUD BUSCHARDT [WFAA TV CH 8 Director, WFAA-570 Oldies show, ABC sat radio DJ] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Paul Berlin. Jim, I listened to Paul Berlin on KNUZ back when DJs had theme songs. His theme was “The Object Of My Affection” which he continued to use even in the first days of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Back when DJs chose their own music, Paul was the first DJ I heard play Chuck Berry’s “Maybellene” and “I Remember” (better known as “Doodie Woo”) by Wee Willie Wayne. “Doodie Woo” was so well associated with Berlin that I think he played it on every station following KNUZ. The record never charted locally or nationally …. and probably would not test well either but Houston audiences loved it. Anybody remember “Paul Berlin’s Record Room” in the Kirby Drive-Greenbrier-area? Can’t remember the name of the shopping center but there was a Lewis & Coker Supermarket in it. I was at the shop on opening day and have been trying to remember the name of records I bought that day. Bud

TOM CLANCY (April 12, 1947 – October 1, 2013) The good old days are now.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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