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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday June 5, 2017


June 05, 2017 [Monday] Issue #1622


FORMER SPACE CITY RADIO PD GIVES IN Country Radio Hall of Fame member Joe Wade Formicola becomes PD of KENR-1070 Houston, TX in 1979. Joe treks to WKIX-850 Raleigh, NC as OM/PD. From 1987-95, Formicola pilots mornings on Country WWWW FM (102.9) Detroit, MI. In 1995, he steers CBS Motown Country WYCD FM (99.5). On Tuesday evening, May 30, 2017 just 3 weeks away from induction into the Country Radio Hall of Fame, Joe Wade Formicola passes away. (https://t.e2ma.net/click/afit4c/eq51gl/ei7p6mb)

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MUSIC TIL DAWN FACES FINAL DAWN Ken Ackerman, born in 1922 in Sacramento, CA gets into radio in a student program on KROY-1240. Ken who graduates in 1940, lands a part-time DJ position on KFBK-1530. In 1942, at 20, Ken joins KCBS-740 (KQW) San Francisco, CA. Bay Area listeners hear Ackerman’s smooth, booming voice on the KCBS-740 overnight music program, Music ’Til Dawn, for more than five decades. Ken Ackerman, who continues on KCBS part-time until 1995 passes away at 95 early Sunday, May 28, 2017.

SEACREST NOT HAPPY WITH IDOL OFFER The NY Post reports that Ryan Seacrest, who hosts American Idol on Fox for 15 seasons, is all set to emcee its reboot, that is until Katy Perry brags last week on WKTU FM (103.5) that her offer is $25 million as an American Idol judge. Sources tell JRRR that ABC initially only offers Seacrest over $10 million. Since Seacrest already has Live With Kelly & Ryan in New York, plus Idol requires weekly cross-country trips to LA, Ryan Seacrest grows cool on the offer to host American Idol.

ESPN’S POLITICS TURNS OFF VIEWERS Sportswriter/personality Jason Whitlock says: …cord-cutting is to blame for heavy losses in ESPN viewership. But the former ESPN employee now on Fox Sports 1, also says: ESPN’s politics are part of the blame. Whitlock, co-host of FS1’s Speak For Yourself Sports Talk show with Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre further states: I do think (ESPN viewership losses) is a direct result of their lurch to the left (politically).

TRIVIA QUESTION: When does the first radio debate go on air? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Connell Miller, Joe Nick Patoski and John Davis June 6th. Ernie Phillips June 8, 2017. •CARLI LUCA is new News and Content Director of News-Talk WRSW-1480, News Director of Classic Rock WRSW FM (107.3) both Warsaw, IN and Country WAWC FM (103.5) Syracuse.

•PRESTON ELLIOT & STEVE MORRISON top rated morning show in Philadelphia, PA since they join Beasley Rock WMMR FM (93.3) in May 2005 sign new multi-year contract extension.


•1950 RONNIE DYSON R&B singer (Hair) born on June 5th. •1968 JEANNIE C. RILEY records Tom T. Hall written single Harper Valley P.T.A. on July 26th. ‎•1970 KPAX TV CBS CH 8 in Missoula, MT begins broadcasting on June 5th. •1989 CLINT BLACK’s debut single A Better Man goes #1 in Billboard Country on June 10th. •1999 MEL TORME one of our favorite Jazz singers (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) dies at 73 on June 5th. ‎•2001 BROOKS & DUNN’s album Steers & Stripes goes Gold on June 4th. ‎


LIZ PATRANELLA [Liz Houston – KTSA-550, KBAT-680] (Austin, TX) Subject: Darrell Taylor. I want to thank Tim McKee for sending out the email about Darrell for me while I was out of town. I also wanted to share this very special message from Darrell’s father which is posted on Darrell’s “GoFundMe” page and may have appeared on Facebook. What a wonderful tribute from a father to his son. Darrell. ‘As a little boy, he competed to be first in everything. As a Navy coxswain (in charge) of an assault landing craft, his boat was the pride of his group. He felt the deep hell of the Viet Nam war after three tours, which left him a mentally wounded warrior. As a broadcaster, he strived to make his station number one and bring happiness to all with his sense of humor and golden voice. And he faced death with bravery, courage and faith, sharing his Love and Grace in Christ with all his friends and family, more concerned with their well-being than his own. His last words were “can I take my bible with me to heaven?” Farewell my son Patrick Taylor

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JASON WAYNE [ex KNOW-1490] (San Antonio, TX) While I was at KGKL 960kc doing 7pm -1am [5000 watts day non-directional, 1000 watts night directional]. I called out to the X-mitter building and told the babysitting engr. that we were under a ‘severe freeze warning’ and the PD had an outstanding Memo posted informing all concerned if anything like this came across the weather wire to contact the Xmitter shack, if we were on nighttime directional power and tell engr. to increase power to 5000w, non-directional power until further advised. I should note, that there was no memo of the sort…but only my idea to see what it would be like on a clear, cold, San Angelo Saturday night, with the temp around 14F…just to see what it would sound like in the headphones & control room speakers to be on air with a 5000w ND signal after midnight. It was crystal clear…and to ham it up a little bit, gave out the request line about 50x as well as the address of the station…in case you didn’t have a phone and wanted to mail in any requests for songs. I think I got about 50 postcards as well as the phone never stopped ringing for the next 45 mins until sign off. Just before sign-off at 1 am, I called the engr. and told him the weather watch had been expired…haha, which never existed to begin with. So this is as close as I ever got to being heard on a 50,000w signal…so I am sure this was exciting to be at WFAA and a clear channel 820kc.

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CHARLES GEORGE [KC5RAI, ex KCHU FM] (Dallas, TX) I was thinking of a song with the words, Love isn’t on time. But I think often it is because if what we all Love. Like my Godfather passed away, Dec 31, 2016. John Razor in Temple. My dad and him were the same age. They knew each other from NTSU. My godfather once told my parents a radio would makes me like traveling to places more, he was right since I enjoyed hearing stations I could not get in Dallas. He once told me about delivering newspapers to the home of the owner of KDNT 1440. Like I think why listen to music in The radio when I have the whole album and not just the 45 being played? Other readers might not agree. I see why also have lost The Great Tuna. Sun rises in the East sets down in the West… Leroy Carr, Evening When The Sun Goes Down. 73, Charles George

TRIVIA ANSWER: On May 23, 1922 first debate on US radio airs on WJH-833 Washington, DC. when two debaters argue about Daylight Saving Time with the audience as judge.

DEBORAH SACKETT [Creative Director/Designer/Event Coordinator – Sky Spirit Studios] (Gulfport, MS)Congrats on your work anniversary!

DAVE DILLON [ex Program Director Cumulus KHJK FM] (Houston, TX) Congrats on your work anniversary!

BILL CHERRY [Realtor, In late 1950s Music ’til Dawn host on WWL-870] (Houston, TX) Jim, I loved Algonquin J Calhoun. He was my very favorite character. Thanks for posting the Algonquinism. Still laughing. Bill

ALGONQUIN J. CALHOUN (Amos ‘n Andy TV Series 1951-53) Do you think I is low down enough to deceive Brother Andy?

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo


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