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Last Chance for AirplayExpress Big Easter Promo

AirplayExpress Plans Big Promo For Easter

AirplayExpress Special Easter Magazine Edition plus EasterExpress Music compilation & Top20 Chart

Latest update: Pages still available with time to spare

This magazine will be going around the world at Easter why not go around with us.

Click to view and example of our previous magazine

With less than three weeks the time is here to consider booking and being a part of AirplayExpress’s special Easter promotions. The Special Edition internet magazine will be out the day before Easter Friday also known as Good Friday. AirplayExpress is offering a full-page plus all artwork to all at a special price of $75 and a special price of $150 for the front page, if the order is placed and confirmed within the next 14 days.  This magazine will be available for viewing or downloading in High quality 24 hours a day forever on AirplayExpress and be sent out to over 5000 music related people worldwide on the day of release via email. It is a perfect way to get you and your music, biography, touring information or Easter message to your friends, family and most importantly out to your fans via a professional industry music magazine released by AirplayExpress.

Taking Orders for ETX#02

The special 2017 edition EasterExpress  ETX#01 music compilation is already flying around the world with a few Easter Songs onboard. You could be a part of this very special Easter compilation by submitting your Easter song now for a fee of $100 and enjoying all the special promotions organized for this Easter Adventure with AirplayExpress.  IF you have already had one of your songs promoted for radio airplay by AirplayExpress you could qualify for a 50% discount.

As an artist sending out your music worldwide on this EasterExpress you could featured on the special EasterExpress Top 20 chart based on downloads and Radio & DJ playlists reported to AirplayExpress up to and until the Easter Weekend.

The popular Nashville Broadcast radio Network has agreed to air this very special Easter Top20 Chart on Easter Sunday in place of the regular Gospel Top20 to be heard worldwide through the magic of the Internet. The show will also be made available to all artists and radio stations for download and airing on AirplayExpress’s radioworld.
That’s the deal, and unfortunately there is a price to pay for these very special promotions, but there is a huge amount of time and work involved in keeping our promise to you making sure that this will an Adventure you will remember for many years to come and be as proud and honored to be on this adventure with us, as we certainly will be to have you, be a part of this special 2017 Easter adventure.

– WHISNews21 [2017]


Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Focus On Honoring Christ, Not Personal Ambition !

Author:  Alden Marshall-Writer for Newspaper “Mountain Press”

How much of our ambition is for the glory of Jesus Christ, and how much is for our own glory ! 

And yes preachers and singers need to ask ourselves prayerfully that question at least as much as others should

Are we content to fade into obscurity if that best honor Jesus Christ. Here is the observation of John the Baptist on that issue, “He must increase, I must decrease.”  These were unselfish  spoken sincerely.  Yet  when John was thrown into prison (and later murdered) , he was so discouraged that he sent his disciples to ask Jesus if he really was the Messiah or should they look for another!

Did Jesus use this opportunity to criticize John? No.  He reminded John of the miracles he had done, and said the person who is not offended in him is blessed.  Do we sincerely want to be blessed by God? Then we must seek glory for our selves.  Does that mean we should not look for a spouse, a job, health, or better ways to serve God?

This is where the holy spirit should be invited into the situation, Because the Bible is not specific  about any of these matters for me or you.

How  much we should increase and how much we should push for our gifts and abilities to be valued should be on ongoing matter of prayer.  Frankly , I try to “pray through” about such matters of great importance.  This means to pray until we have the peace (or lack of peace).  of God  regarding a particular person or circumstance , and how and where we should proceed.

David in the Old Testament and Paul  in the New Testament  got that kind of guidance time after time.  So have I and many Christians regarding a wife or about taking a particular pastorate or not, etc.

How good it is to get other sincere and Godly people to pray with us about matters that are very important to us, when possible.  Then  God will either give us the grace/favor from Him to endure the situation, or he will lead us into a more pleasant one.  In my own life, as with John the Baptist and probably all followers  of Jesus , I am sure that very difficult circumstantiates  have caused me to draw closer to him and more dependent on him.

The Russian writer  Solvents  said he blessed his prison walls, for there he became a Christian.  As we draw neat to Jesus for the first time or more deeply , our ambition will be that, our ambition will be that he may increase, whether we increase or not in the sight of others!

Dr.  Alden Marshall is a Presbyterian minister who live in Gatlinburg, TN.


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