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Urban, Stapleton & Gill’s Magical Guitar Moment

Keith Urban, Chris Stapleton & Vince Gill Make a Magical Guitar Moment

Country Radio Seminar attendees got an extra serving of dessert at Universal Music Group’s lunch show today at the Ryman Auditorium.

As Keith Urban finished the final verse of his latest hit, “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” he was joined onstage by Chris Stapleton and Vince Gill for an amazing three-guitar jam session. They each took several turns playing during the five-minute confection.

Get a taste of the finale with the abridged video below. If long, lyrical guitar solos are your apple pie.


 – written by Jason Simanek  | NashCountryDaily

Kip Moore Releases “More Girls Like You” Lyric Video

Kip Moore Releases “More Girls Like You” Lyric Video

Kip Moore is reflecting on his recent extended break, premiering the insightful lyric video for his new single, “More Girls Like You” exclusively on Travel & Leisure today. Offering an unfiltered look into his trip to Costa Rica, Moore shares scenes of local life, surfing and enjoying impromptu jam sessions, with stunning surroundings playing as an instrumental backdrop.

“I love to travel and really embrace the surrounding culture wherever I am,” said Moore. “I never have much of a plan when I go, just the destination and am always open to meeting people and having memorable experiences. My best friend PJ is an amazing videographer and photographer, and he was able to document a lot of this trip and we thought it would be an interesting way to show that other side of my life when I’m not on the road and touring non-stop. I’ll be back on the road playing shows soon, but I may have a few more stops in the works before then.”

2017 is picking up momentum fast for Moore, with “More Girls Like You” debuting as most added at country radio last week, as well as the most added of his career to date. Co-written by Moore, the single is also receiving praise from critics such as Taste Of Country who notes the track “doubles down on a heavy, thumping formula he relied on to create one of the best country albums of 2015” and Entertainment Weekly declaring he “has made a name for himself weaving vignettes of Southern, blue-collar life and love into rollicking country anthems.”

Kip MooreAs he “consistently serves up clever roots-rock riffs and rhythms” (Associated Press), the release of “More Girls Like You” follows the critical acclaim that surrounded Moore’s UNDERGROUND EP, a five-track collection that “strikes the defiant tone that’s been a part of his artistry” (Rolling Stone) as well as his sophomore album WILD ONES heralded as “an impressively singular release from Music Row” by The Guardian. Moore first turned heads with his debut album UP ALL NIGHT which was certified GOLD by the RIAA and spawned three No. One hit singles including GOLD certified “Beer Money,” PLATINUM certified “Hey Pretty Girl,” and the DOUBLE PLATINUM breakout hit “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck.


Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman

“THE Problem of Busyness” by Author Eugenia Price

Most people are just too busy.  This is a point for quick  agreement, but the subtle danger involved in our busyness is that most of us never stop to realize that in most cases we can do something about it!  We tend to look wildly and never unrealistically in any other direction for the cause of our trouble.  Most of us feel like helpless  victim  where our work and activity schedules are concerned.  For five or six years, this was entirely true of me.

Then one day when I had actually fallen to sleep on someone’s sofa in the middle of a conversation, I began to take stock. What was actually important ? How much of this activity was God actually instigating ? How much of it was the consequence of  my own bad judgement , and how much was guided by  the Holy Spirit within me? What was really gained that evening I fell  asleep doing what to me was no longer “sweet fellowship ” ?

A woman’s  ego often pushes her into a whirlwind  life of business., too.  If you are capable, and if the ladies adore you and keep compliments on your pretty  head every time you teach the class or preside at the circle meeting, just  be  be wary.  It is easy to mistake the voice of flattery for the voice of God.  Especially if you’ve been busy for so long, there hasn’t been a really quit time to hear God speak .

The voice of God is always speaking to us and always trying to get our attention.  But his voice is a “still small voice” and we must at least slow down in order to listen.

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