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Luanne Hunt’s ‘Secrets of A Successful Indie Artist’

LuanneHunt002Luanne Hunt just released an e-book today titled 

“Secrets of A Successful Indie Artist”

Independent country star Luanne Hunt feels your pain.  It took her over 20 years to become an “overnight success.”   Along the way, she explored every possible avenue that would bring her closer to her musical goals.  Finally, Luanne got the hit song she always wanted and the awards and accolades began rolling in.

secretsofasuccessfulartistebookFame. Fortune.  Go ahead and admit it. You’re an Independent artist who wants it all! But behind those starry eyes of yours, your brain is working overtime to try to figure out how to make your biggest dreams a reality. And it seems like a nearly impossible task, right?

Over the years, the Hall of Famer developed proven strategies for success and is now ready to share them with other independent artists looking to take their careers to a greater level.

In her new e-book, “Luanne Hunt’s Secrets of A Successful Indie Artist,” she covers topics, such as what it really takes to make it big in the music business, how to get your career off the ground, the truth about using social media to expose your songs, the ins and outs of getting radio airplay and constructing an effective and attention-getting press kit, to name a few.

It’s available for $5 at the following links:  and

We at AirplayExpress,WHISNews21 and Wildhorse Entertainment wish Luanne all the success in the world with her e-book and recommend that all indie artists support her in this new adventure spilling the “Secrets of A Successful Indie Artist” in her first e-book available specifically to help Indie Artists worldwide.

– WHISNews21



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