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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday Feb 17, 2017

February 17, 2017 [Friday] Issue #1591


GRAMMY WINNER CALLS IT QUITS Jazz singer Al Jarreau tells Journal Sentinel that at Lincoln High School when he is four or five, he first sings in church and PTA meetings. Preacher’s son, Jarreau is the only Grammy vocalist to win Jazz, Pop and R&B categories. In fall 2016, Al Jarreau receives a lifetime achievement award from the Wisconsin Foundation for School Music. At 5:30 am Sunday, ‎February ‎12, ‎2017 Seven-time Grammy winner Al Jarreau passes away at 76 just two days after he retires due to exhaustion.

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SPACE CITY TALK HOST BOUNCES BACK In late 2015, News Radio KTRH-740 Houston, TX Talk host Matt Patrick has brain surgery. In September 2015, he receives treatment for metastatic melanoma at the world-famous M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. In 2016, Matt endures a series of chemo, immunotherapy and radiation. In 2017, the 37-year radio pro Matt Patrick tells his Houston’s Morning News audience that the latest test results indicate that he is now in remission with no detectable cancer.

MADONNA STRIKES OUT IN TX Because of words she says during a speech at the Women’s March on Washington on January 20, 2017, Texarkana, TX’s newest radio station Classic Hits KTTY FM (Hits 105.1) New Boston, TX says that it will no longer play music by aging Pop singer Madonna. KTTY FM’s GM, Terry Thomas, says their decision is not a matter of politics, but a matter of patriotism, because it just feels wrong to us to be playing Madonna songs and paying her royalties when the artist shows un-American sentiments.

GOTHAM CITY WEEKENDER MOVES ON UP Many of us long time radio broadcasters admire those lucky few who make it to the top in America’s #1 radio market, New York City. For the past four years, the angelic Katie Neal pays her dues as weekend/swing talent on Cumulus Media WNSH FM (NASH FM 94.7), also as AE for sister Hot AC WPLJ FM (95.5). WNSH FM Program Director John Foxx is happy to announce that Katie Neal moves on up from weekend/swing talent on Cumulus Media WNSH FM to middays.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What is the first radio station in the world to broadcast at 500 kilowatts? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Terry Apodaca February 3rd. Robin Marshall & Mike Shuping February 17th. Alan Shapiro February 18, 2017. •JIM ROSE WLS TV ABC CH 7 Chicago, IL sports anchor/reporter is new grandfather for first time. Rose’s son and daughter-in-law welcome their first daughter, Cora Ann Rose. •KRISTINA KAGE (Kristina Zsenyuk) morning show host on iHeartMedia WLIT FM (93.9 MYFM) Chicago, IL two-year contract nears its end, but, iHeartMedia rewards Kage with three-year contract extension.


•1953 JANICE DICKINSON Vogue Fashion Model Directory lists born on February 17th in Brooklyn, NY. ‎•1962 PATSY CLINE’s single She’s Got You grabs #1 in Billboard Country on March 31st. •1972 BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG Punk Rock Green Day band lead singer born on February 17th in Oakland, CA. •1981 DOLLY PARTON’s single 9 To 5 certifies Gold on February 19th. •1995 UTA GRAF German-born soprano dies at 80 on February 17th. •2010 MIRANDA LAMBERT’s album Revolution goes Gold on February 16th.


LIZ PATRANELLA [Liz Houston – KTSA-550, KBAT-680] (Austin, TX) Subject: Sad News from Darrell Taylor. I wanted to let everyone know about this email that I received from Darrell Taylor today. I am so sorry to hear this but really admire his positive outlook on what is to come. Please pray for Darrell. Liz

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DARRELL TAYLOR [ex KSMG FM Magic 105.3] (San Antonio, TX) Hello friends, I am sorry for the e-mail but it is one of the best ways to communicate with a large group of people all at once, or hold a rally. As an old promotion man I’d rather hold a rally. I have stage 4 lung cancer that can not be cured. No word yet how long I have to live because I just found out today and the doctors have yet to complete their studies. They can do Chemo but that will only prolong the agony. No cure except Christ and I think he is calling me home. Pray for me and my dad and sister who have to do this ride with me. It isn’t going to be easy but I am going to hang in there and try my best to make something good and positive out of this, if that is possible. I love and cherish you all and thank you for your friendship.:-) Darrell Taylor

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JOANIE GREEN [ex KPRC TV CH 2, KZEW FM, KFWD FM] (Tulsa, OK) Hi Jim! I used to take my dogs with me to let them run free on the (KFWD FM) property while I was on the air and I’m grateful I did…one night 5 drunk (or stoned) guys came to check out the broad on the radio. I came to the door when I heard the dogs barking and they wouldn’t stop. I opened the door and saw the guys backed up against their car and my barking dogs in a crouch with their hackles raised ready to take a leap. That scared me because I had NEVER seen the dogs like that before. I very slowly opened the door, carefully walked down the steps and grabbed Stryder’s collar. Stryder was a 95lb Irish Setter and Friday was a mutt who looked like a small statured, black Labrador Retriever whom I had gotten on Friday the 13th ~ they were both rescues. I said, “Can I help you?” “Uhhhh, yeah…we wanna hear blah, blah, blah…” in slurred tones. I don’t remember what it was they requested. I answered with something to the effect of, “Okay, let me check and see if we have that.” They were silent staring at the dogs and really didn’t have anything else to say and weren’t moving. Both dogs were growling and snarling and finally my “out” was, “Uh, guys…my record’s running out and I need to get back in there, so we’ll see ya later, okay?” They sort of nodded and started scrambling to get back in the car and leave. I held both dogs by their respective collars as I watched them leave, hugged the dogs and cooed over them and then ran back into the trailer before the tune ran out. That really shook me because I realized then how vulnerable I truly was ~ the doors barely locked on the place and I was alone in a remote location at night. Whew! What memories you brought back. Joan

TRIVIA ANSWER: WLW-700 Cincinnati, OH is the first radio station in the world to broadcast at 500 kilowatts, but it overpowers other radio stations as far away as Toronto. In December 1934, WLW-700 cuts back to 50 kilowatts at night to ease the interference. WLW-700 constructs three 50 ft. tower antennas to reduce signal strength toward Canada.

CHUCK DUNAWAY [ex WABC-770, WKY-930, KILT-610, KLIF-1190] (Houston-Katy, TX) Subject: good time. How many “true” friends do we have as we pass through this world? I have one for sure and he came to visit me and spend the night last night to remember “old times”. His name is Bob White and he is truly my friend. We talked about the good “old days” at KILT in Houston and had a wonderful time just talking..Kendall had a good time too…since she had “real radio” experience she also enjoyed sharing a lot of stuff…Thank you Bob. Chuck

FRANZ SCHUBERT [Ave Maria-839] (01/31/1797 to 11/19/1828) Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo



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