Songwriters Worldwide AirplayExpress Can Help You

Songwriters Worldwide AirplayExpress Can Help You

As a songwriter do you have 3000 places where you can send your next Demo?

Judy Welden Inducted into the IDSS Independent Songwriters Hall Of Fame

Judy Welden Inducted into the IDSS Songwriters Hall Of Fame

If you are sending out your next demo with high hopes someone will hear it and want to record it please read this:

If the company you are pitching to requires a hard copy CD are you aware an increase in postage rates has just been approved in the US? The truth be known even at wholesale prices by the time you add up the cost of a blank CD, a padded envelope, a type written lyric sheet, a cover letter with all your contact information and last but not least the cost of postage and the ride to the post office, you would be doing well to get 25 packages to their destination.

For a $100 investment into your demo/song Airplay Express professional releases can get that same demo out to over 3000 music industry professionals for you with your contact information as the place all correspondence will go to.

SongwriterExpressMasterPlus Exclusive Bonus Offer to all who take advantage of this offer:

In addition to the mail shot / press release with attached MP3 of your song, the same song will appear on the now famous Airplay Express Songwriter CD.  And perhaps the greatest of all is your demo will be played in Nashville on NBRN.FM  on a special radio show called THE AIRPLAY EXPRESS SONGWRITER SHOWCASE.  You will even be sent a link where you can go and download a copy of the show with your song being played on it for your promotional purposes and keepsake.

RadioWorldNBRNFMAirplay Express will never ask for a bonus or reward if your song gets picked up by a recording artist and you start earning royalties.  The only thing we ask is you send us a quick note to say thank you and as a result of using our services your song got recorded.  We would like to place these quotes on our website.

We at AirplayExpress are extremely proud to release the SongwriterExpress and urge songwriters worldwide to take advantage of this special offer which will soon include a weekly or monthly Top 20 Songwriters Chart to honor the songwriters involved in this adventure.


Contact us now for this adventure:



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