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Stephanie Quayle Reminisce About Her Heroes in Video

stephaniequayle001Stephanie Quayle Reminisce About Her Heroes In

Nostalgic New Video, “Drinking With Dolly”

stephanie-quayle03If you are not familiar with the name Stephanie Quayle, get ready, you will be. The newcomer is out with her current single, “Drinking With Dolly,” and pays tribute to the golden age of country music in a new video.

stephanie-quayle04Stephanie, who hails from Montana, grew up on a working buffalo farm and spent her time cleaning stalls while listening to country music. “‘Drinking With Dolly’ is so special because the beautiful women in this song have helped shape me into the artist I am today,” says Stephanie. “I remember racing to the barn and listening to country music on a tiny little AM radio. That is where I fell in love with music. From the front porch, to the barn, to nervously getting ready in a bathroom with my guitar, these moments are my story. What better way to express how much this song means to me than to take it back to where it all began.”

In the video, present-day Stephanie prepares for a big performance as viewers are transported back to simpler times in a sequence that shows a young girl falling in love with country music.

It’s easy to feel the nostalgia with lyrics like I’d go drinking with Dolly after the Opry, pour one for Tammy too / Put on my rhinestones, paint up my nails, kick up my dancing shoes  / Hey there Loretta put a quarter in the jukebox, we’ll sing along with you / We’ll raise up a glass wish Patsy could be here to / To talk about men because that’s what women do.

And yes, the Dolly she speaks of in the title and lyrics is the Dolly Parton.

Watch Stephanie’s latest video for “Drinking With Dolly.”

 – NashCountryDaily


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