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Hello Doctor busts 3 scary sugar myths for Halloween

hellodoctorhalloween001Hello Doctor busts 3 scary sugar myths this Halloween

It’s the season of sweet and sinful treats, which means your diet might take a knock while you give in to your candy cravings. But before you tuck in, read up on the sugary myths we bust when it comes to the sweetest month of the year.

SugarLipsIs sugar really as addictive as heroin?: 

Sugar may stimulate the production of dopamine, a ‘pleasure hormone’, in the same way that drugs do, but experiments show that addiction is more complicated that we think – if you enjoy a sugary treat every once in a while, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

honeyShould I be eating honey instead?: 

Simple sugars, like glucose and fructose, break down easily and quickly, which can raises your blood sugar level and is bad for you. Sugar is roughly half glucose and half fructose, while honey is around 30 percent glucose, less than 40 percent fructose and contains a number of other complex sugars. Although the two are very similar, it’s best to opt for a spoon of honey over a spoon of sugar.

chocolate day wallpaper

Will chocolate give me pimples?: 

That depends. Chocolate itself hasn’t been proven to cause acne, but diets high in fat and high in sugar have been shown to increase sebum production, which can lead to breakouts! Stick with dark chocolate with a low sugar content if you’re prone to getting pimples.

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