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  Author: Brock Kidd 

Freely ye have received, freely give – Matthew 10:8


It was a cold day in Nashville, Tennessee.  I was meeting my mother for lunch.  Her mother, my grandmother Bebe, had died just a few months before, and today would have been her birthday.  In addition to the generous life Beve had enjoyed, she was the person who had most inspired us to live like Jesus. “Brock, you can’t out give the Lord,”I could hear her say as I got out of my car and threw on my warm overcoat.  I was looking ahead to my mother and her loving smile.  Even in her sadness, it was clear she chose living in joy, as Beve would have wanted. “Brock, did you see that poor homeless man?   He must be freezing!”  I hadn’t, but it was just like her to put something like that first.  Mom and I had a great visit regaling ourselves  with the “Bebe-isms” that meant so much to us.

Lunch almost finished, she motioned to our waiter.  Can we get a cheeseburger  and fries to go?  She looked at me, eyes dancing.  “A birthday present for Bebe.” As we walked out, my mom made her way to the homeless man. “My mother went to heaven a few months ago, and today is her birthday.  Wed” like to celebrate with you.” The man got a big smile on his face and wrapped his arms around my mother.  “Miss I knew there was something special about you when I saw you walking by.” He was right.  Happy birthday Bevbe”

Father, we celebrate Your saints by giving freely- Brock



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