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James Marvell Makes Chart History At AirplayExpress

summerwindspromo001James Marvell makes Chart History at AirplayExpress with “Summer Winds”

One of only two artists to top an important international chart with two versions of a song in two languages

James Marvell with Lou Harrison sister of Beatles's George Harrison

James Marvell with Beatle George Harrison’s sister Louise Harrison after a  live performance

This is what Frans Maritz at WHISNews21 recently said about ‘Summer Winds’; “Marvell may soon have another feather to display in his cap as he released his bilingual version of “Summer Winds” on AirplayExpress today. James could be the first ever artist at AirplayExpress to chart the same song in two different languages on their Top20 at the same time. Whatever happens in the next week or two,”Summer Winds” has already proved to be a number one hit tune.”

Dennis DiCiaro Songwriter "Summer Winds' Both versions

Dennis DiChiaro Songwriter of both hit versions of “Summer Winds’

Dennis DiChiaro writer and producer of “Summer Winds” writes; The song, “Summer Winds” was first inspired on a summer day in a fleeting moment while driving along in my truck, against the Colorado landscape.  My life felt like it was slowly fading away as I traveled on in a dead end job with a young family to support. Then, in a sudden realization of the sadness and the joy of the late summer and the quieting of the season, as time continues to move on, while the moment forever stays the same, the song came to me.  I did move on from the moment, and for some time the lyrics sat in an old dresser drawer, but as all things come full circle, I dared to remember of the time gone by and finished the music to the lyrics that still had the power and longing of my youth.

JK Coltrain Colt Records

JK Coltrain Colt Records

“Summer Winds” was co-produced by Colt Records president and longtime country music singer & songwriter J.K. Coltrain. J.K. won The Texas CMA Album & Entertainer of The Year Award in 2009 and was inducted into The Traditional Country Hall of Fame in 2007. He was also the producer of The 2009 British CMA Album of The Year. Colt was awarded Nashville’s Label Of The Year in 2015 by the Josie Awards.

On October 2nd 2016 history was made at AirplayExpress! Marvell is one of only two recording artists to top an important international chart with two versions of a song in two languages at the same time! Fact has it the Beatles did it with “I Want To Hold Your Hand” in English and German in 1964.

Louise and George Harrison

Louise and George Harrison

George Harrison’s sister lou (Louise) Harrison is quoted as saying after a James Marvell live performance, ” I enjoyed the James Marvell Show”, Lou Harrison seen in the picture to the right with her brother George when he together with John, Paul and Ringo ruled the world.  James has a lot of history with the Beatles as he was after all with Mercy who shared the top 10 position on the Billboard and CASHBOX charts back in 1969 with Elvis Presley and the Fab Four. Mercy was at #2 with “Love Can Make You Happy” the Beatles at #1 with “Get Back” and Elvis with “In The Ghetto” at #5.

Folks can find both versions of “Summer Winds” in the Top 20 at AirplayExpress here > AirplayExpress Delivery Your Music Worldwide

A special thank you from Marvell, Dennis DiChiaro and JK Coltrain of Colt Records goes out to the very talented Colene Walters who added the perfect harmony parts to “Summer Winds”.

“Summer Winds” was recorded at Gene Breeden Studios/Nashville and mastered by Rob Lavender/Dallas Ft Worth Texas at One Horn Productions.

 – WHISNews21


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