MCG: Will Indie Artists Find Someone Else who Cares?

MCG Time2GoMondayMCG: Will Indie Artists Find Someone Else who Cares ?

I Don’t Think you realize how important WHISNews21 is to you

The Music City Ghost [File #99] 2015: For 6 months now I have been prowling the streets of Nashville, reporting what I see and have heard concerning the state of Country Music in what was once known as THE COUNTRY MUSIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.  I have recently realized why there have been very precious few comments on my articles.  It is because they are mainly written about all the wrong things that INDIE artists are doing. Since we know the MAJOR stars only visit WHISNews21 when there is a story about them, then that leaves all the INDIE artists as the readers.  No one wants to hear daily about everything they are doing wrong.  The problem is I can’t find any good news about things that INDIE artists are doing, they seem to think they don’t need to tell their stories.  Think of it like this….During the WORLD SERIES all of the focus and news are on the MAJOR League playoffs.  There is little or no press on the Minor Leagues.  During the CMA Awards once again all the focus and press is centered around the MAJOR stars to see who will take home the biggest prize.  The INDIE artists at best might have a seat way in the back of the arena if they can afford to buy a ticket.  So where is the justification as a journalist to report on what the Indies are doing?  I have spent 6 months reporting on INDIE artists and the state that Country Music is in.  A very small number of people have commented positive or negative about the stories.  I have finally realized why.  It is because I believe people have giving up trying to defend their COUNTRY and most people, and please note I did not say all, are just like the song, Me Myself and I. For all the INDIE artists who frequent WHISNews21 everyday I hope you realize how important WHISNews21 is to you. They are the only ones who would report little bits of news on the Indie’s. What more can I say…..

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3 thoughts on “MCG: Will Indie Artists Find Someone Else who Cares?

  1. I am a indie artist and I have been a country music fan all my life. I meant to respond, the other day. I have enjoyed reading and I appreciate your articles every time you post them! Thanks, and keep them coming! RB ☺


    Posted by Ronda Baugus | December 7, 2015, 2:05 pm
  2. Love articles and you are 100% correct. Frans has done alot for Indy artist, I was bragging on him over the weekend..but I feel pretty fortunate as a Indy artist …I’ was in a number one book by a number one artist in South Africa got to open up for alot of big acts in country and Rock… Had songs in movies with big actors recorded with big musicians. So I look at my career in music where I been full time and part time and even offered a job playing with a national act over the weekend, touring as successful to me to accomplish as much over the years by just sheer talent, I am satisfied with my run. Am I going to be a star no ….but will keep playing as long as Tattoo Billy is a band ….I think take what you do seriously but keep a balance don’t quit your day job and thank men like Frans Maritz for caring enough to do what he does especially how bad the government is in his land ….he really sacrifices for us Indy artist thank you


    Posted by Ed Begley | December 7, 2015, 9:42 am
  3. Thanks so much for exposing the seedy side of Nashville. Unless you are related to a major artist or part if the inside click or (the best one) have millions of dollars to promote yourself – forget about Nashville. the music coming out of the so called Country Music City is nothing but sugar coated rock and roll.
    I’m an independent artist who has recorded for the last 10 yrs. at a great studio in Nashville, however the studio won’t promote you or get you any air play or book any shows for you. I’m fortunate that I have had the privilege of opening for some of the great Country Artist so I made a lot of great friends and it is always a pleasure to open for these people. But they are the true Country Artists not the cookie cutter bunch who call themselves “country”
    Please keep up the great work- I’m still working with a great Traditional Country Band- helping to keep good country music alive.


    Posted by Constantly Country - Ann Brown | December 7, 2015, 8:52 am

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