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Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

” Go assured, God’s  looking out for you all the way” Judges 18: 6


 Author: Marion Bond West: The day hadn’t started out well.  I was rushing to an appointment and had skipped my early morning devotional.  Singing Frank Sinatra’s songs, I passed through several hamlets en route  Then I heard a siren and looked in my rear view blue flashing  lights. Oh me.  this is what I get for not having my devotional study this morning.  I  said a quick prayer and pulled off the highway.  The officer strode up to my car.  ” Hi,” I said blithely with a smile.  Surely, he’d made a mistake.  Perhaps one of my tires needed air. “I like to know who I’m talking to.  May I see your license?

I fumbled through my billfold and handed it to him.  I wondered if I should tell him I only got one ticket before and the judge didn’t  make me pay. “Here’s what you did,” the officer said handing back my ID card.  “You were speeding. Did you know that?” I didn’t.  “By how much?” “Seventeen miles over the limit.”  His face looked like a statue carved in stone. I sighed, smile gone didn’t have my worship time this morning, but I asked God to watch over me in my car and keep me safe. “I am an  answer to your prayer, lady.” He smiled suddenly and stuck his yellow ticker pad back in his pocket.  Go on, but slow down.”

Father, please protect police officers.  Keep them safe. Thank You for them- Marion



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