MCG: What Do Karaoke Singers Hear When Singing?

MCG KaraokeWednesday

MCG: What Do Karaoke Singers Hear When Singing?

Honesty Not Present as the Worse a Karaoke Singer Is The More Applause They Get !

The Music City Ghost [File #91] 2015: I dropped into a karaoke bar recently.  I stayed long enough to watch a young man wearing a cowboy hat glaring at the screen as he crooked his way through an Alan Jackson song.  As soon as he stepped off the stage several folks in the audience told him he was great and he sang that song better than Alan Jackson.  I was sitting there and watched and listened and I didn’t hear anything I would rate above fair.  I would certainly not say he was better than the singer that made the song famous.  It made me wonder if I need to have my hearing tested.  How could so many people hear something so differently than I heard it?  The next singer was a young blonde girl who dressed and acted just like Miranda Lambert.  Once again her eyes never left the monitor in fear she would miss a word.  She stayed on pitch for about 60% of the song and showed a little more confidence than the young man she followed.  She thanked the crowd for the applause and as she returned to the table where her parents were sitting she was told she was great and better than Miranda Lambert.  I had enough at that point and left before I was subjected to the next performer who was about to sing an Elvis song.  All I needed to hear was he was better than Elvis and I would be ordering a hearing aid.

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