Music City Ghost Is It Your Own Fault Country’s Fading

MusicCityGhostTraditionalCountry#7Traditional Country Music Is Fading Like A Flower But its Your Own Fault

I keep hearing Indie artists saying Traditional Country Music is coming back around.  Coming back around where?  The back of the barn?  The State Fairs I have contacted told me they didn’t want any Traditional Country Music as entertainment. One fair buyer told me the most popular show they bring in is the Saturday Night Demolition Derby.  He went on to say the second show that brought in the most people was the Womens’s Friday Night Jello wrestling.  I suppose they could hire a steel guitar player and a fiddle player to add a little musical background to the ladies floundering around in the jello pit.  But they can just play a CD and get that done for free.  The days of Traditional Country Music singers showing up in their rhinestone suits and wowing an audience are over.  Unless the show’s production includes pyrotechnics, a gigantic sound system, a light show, a smoke machine, and plenty of songs the audience has heard on the radio, then they don’t want it.  We can all wish till the cows come home for the beautiful simple sounds of Traditional Country Music to return but I don’t think it will be in our life time.

– The Music City Ghost [File#8] 2015


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