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Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

I keep the Lord always before me because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved

Therefore my heart is glad, and my soul rejoices  my body also rests secure.  You show me the path of life… Psalm 16:8-9, 11


Author Jon Sweeney: “DID  YOU HEAR THAT?” I said to the kids.  We were all making dinner together in the kitchen after a stressful week, which featured one child in the emergency room and another in detention. We looked at each other, puzzled ,  when we heard a strange hissing noise.  A few seconds later; we all started looking up!  “It’s coming  from above”  “Joe go outside, and  check if you see something! ”

My son ran on to the porch.  Through the family room window, I saw him looking at something in the air.  He didn’t say anything but just stood there, looking up.  So the rest of us ran outside too. “Wow’ we all exclaimed. There was a large, beautiful, purple and blue, star speckled hot air balloon directly  over our house!. Within minutes, the balloon  landed in our yard. Thank goodness we had a large space and the dog wasn’t outside!  He probably would have attached the mysterious “creature.” “Where did you intend to land?  I asked the captain as soon as I could get there.  “And are you okay ? ” “We are fine, “he said.

You must be way off course.  We’ve never seen a balloon here before. “Sorry,” he said.  “But when the wind pushes us, we can only push back so much until it is smartest just to land.”  Then they packed up and left. Finally we sat down to dinner.  ” I think the balloon guy was right,” my daughter said.  “Let’s call this our landing, and start again.”

Show me today, Lord, how to ride Your gracious wind.  and please tell me when to push, and when to let go, and when to land- Jon



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